More new cars!

OK. Now you need to tell us how you know this? Or is it just blind hope?

I know someone that works at onto.

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Well, I hope you’re right. It will certainly open the floodgates if it is the ID.3.

So many trim levels and engines though. It’d have to be the right spec to get me to swap I think.

It seems @Koda does too, as he started the thread!

I demand a leak enquiry! Who is the mole? :wink:

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Don’t expect it to be under £550 a month.

Yeah agreed on the trim levels. Would really like to test the 204PS spec one but also really hoping there are options <£500 - doubt the top spec one would be below that considering it’s over £37k

I believe that was @KingMing. Haven’t heard much from them recently, either here or on the other forum.

We need some <£350 options for us paupers!


It all depends on what kind of deal Onto can get.

There doesn’t always seem to be a direct comparison between Onto price and retail price. Although, it can certainly be used as a guide of course.

If they had a £450 option would you consider a swap from your e208?

That was @GreekIronMan who made that comparison. I know better than that :rofl:

And poor pensioners :older_woman::older_man:

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Haha sorry I’m still new! It probably has an impact on the price, but so will the insurance and the quantity of cars they get.

I’d swap from the e208 to the ID.3 if the price was £450. I very nearly signed up to a 2 year lease on the ID.3 before finding onto. So it’s definitely a car I’d want to try for at least the month. But depends which spec it is, if it was £450 I’d hope it matches the e-208 in spec/tech.


I want to to relive my teenager days in the Opel Manta GTe ElektroMod. Loved that car until it got written off.

I Wish!
If I had my own internal contact at Onto it would have saved me many headaches with the teething problems in my early days as a member.

I was just on the live chat with someone yesterday discussing availability and that was when they dropped the news that there are cars being announced and available to book sometime in mid-May for delivery in June.

I did try to probe further but they said it was top secret for now. They couldn’t tell me makes, models, prices or anything.

All I can say is that I hope one of them is the ID.3. I have no interest in it and have never really liked VAG cars. But since everyone else here seems to want one it might open up availability for me since everyone will want to swap and I might be able to get my hands on a 208 to try and then Ioniq!


i3s or ID3 please.

If it’s another kona I might scream :joy:


This will do in time for Christmas in the U.K.!


As @GreekIronMan has confirmed it’s an ID.3, we’d be better off debating which model we’d like to see, rather than wishing for vehicles that won’t be added for some time yet…if ever! :wink:


Good question. I don’t need the extra space. I’d be a bit worried about the software bugs that many are complaining about. If it’s the 58kWh battery, the extra range and good charging speed would be welcome. Definitely don’t like the white steering wheel and dashboard.

Financially I’m stretching myself by having the e-208 so ideally would like something interesting and cheaper, if that’s possible! Referrals have helped up to now, but as more are promoting their codes on YouTube etc, they’ll probably start drying up. Let’s see what happens.


@Koda if ONTO even try and add any MG to their line up they’d be going backwards in my opinion. We want decent range well made cars. Not cheap, inferior, ugly scrap metal!