More new cars!

Just a heads up that it’s been confirmed to me that there are two more new cars being added to the fleet for booking in mid-May, for delivery in June.

Leave your hopes, dreams and wild speculation in this thread below!


ID.3? :slight_smile:

ID3/4 …? or just anything as long as it’s in stock up north please :wink:

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ID4 and Mach-E would be good for me! …Hopefully it won’t be any of the existing vehicles in a slightly different colour or with a slightly updated spec - entirely new model would be good!


Anything that’s a totally new car. Mach E or Ioniq 5 would be a must swap for me. ID.3/4 would be a consideration.

Anything else, well I’ll just see.

ionic 5 would be fantastic or the Mustang !!


I’m sure there’s a new Kona trim level that’ll probably make the cut? :joy:
In all seriousness though, something like an ID.3 would be excellent, or just about anything that sits between the Kona and Tesla Model 3.

Big desires for me for EVs which are designed as EVs, not regular combustion vehicles which have had a battery retrofitted as they tend to be much more exciting (imo)

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Is it not possible that one of the new cars could just be an updated i3? As onto told me all their cars are less than 2 years old and the i3 is currently showing as the 2019 model. When the new Kona came on it was classed as a brand new car so could be just that but would love to see more choice :+1:

A mid range spec ID.3/ID.4 would be brilliant! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I really want am i3 bmw I’m new to onto want one to start with but all booked out so am going to try a 208 e coming next week hope it’s a good car

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The i3 does come up quite regularly (especially in the south east, but also a little less frequently elsewhere) so keep checking back on the booking system and you should hopefully be able to get booked in for a swap in the not too distant future.

Maybe an i3S? I saw one last weekend and it is very nice looking.

There isn’t really any update to speak of since the 2019 car compared with one today. If they just ordered more of them to add to the fleet then it wouldn’t be classed as a new car release. There would have to be a significant change to justify that, for example a new trim level with more features that comes with a higher price.

As has just been suggested above me, an i3s could be a possibility though.

As far as I know, the key difference with 2020+ i3 is that Apple CarPlay is unlocked. Not worth paying more for IMO.

Ioniq 5 ID4 or the mokka

ID3 and ID4 hopefully. Ioniq 5 would also be very nice to have on fleet.

Bit too soon for that to be available. Maybe later this year, or early next.

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I wonder how many Zoe ZE40s at £289 are still around. Presumably if ONTO are going to defleet them at some point they will need to find a replacement for those still on the legacy tariff.


I Still feel like they’ll rely on their existing relationship with Renault to get some R110 Play, Non-CCS ZE50’s to replace the ZE40’s and sit at the £339 Price point. I can’t really think of much else they could get to a similar price point, and in large fleet numbers other than maybe a MG ZS They do seem to have a good amount of them in the fleet still as I see a lot parked up around my city.

I Know they said in the past that people wouldn’t be forced out of their old legacy priced cars but the last time we talked about this there was someone with a 94Ah i3 who wasn’t offered such an option when that was de-fleeted. Simply £50 off another car for 3 months or return the car free of charge, IIRC.

It is the ID.3. Not sure about the other one though. But one is definitely the ID.3

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