More brands

Any of the Mercedes’ and BMW models but especially EQB, EQC, iX and iX3. Polestar 3 would be great too.

I was at the Trafford Centre today and they have a Polestar popup shop, I have to say they are very impressive looking! I do hope the new brand/range to be announced in the coming weeks is a Polestar but I have a feeling its going to be an MG.

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Agree - seeing a Poley in the flesh close up confirms quite a nice piece of kit. Pictures don’t seem to do them justice.

But efficiency-wise (although not a big thing with the Onto model) I think they have a way to go…. Or not, if you see what I mean.

If you haven’t already test driven a Polestar 2 then it’s highly recommended.
Only issue I have with it is the centre console is too big.

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I’ve got my ticket for Fully Charged Live and when an invite for a test drive came up I went straight on the site, and I mean virtually immediate - every slot booked! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Understandably they’re popular, and I bet (without having looked) we’re talking long order wait for these as well.

I shall, however, arrange a test drive at some stage - more out of curiosity than likelihood of purchase… although you never say never on these things :shushing_face:


@K12Beano polestar 2 is about 5-7 weeks currently on most trims other than Dual Motor performance. The website should update like Tesla’s when you spec it up.
I was looking at one after a 48hr test drive a few days ago. It’s still on my list of possibles to replace the M3P……

@K12Beano just spec’d one quickly myself. Late April decent.

I am surprised!

I thought demand would be high.

Probably want to add the Pilot pack to that.

MG ZS EVs, the new Long Range Trophy looks great having driven the previous version which was good but had too shorter range

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@Elgordano yeh I would too but that was literally what I saw as first available. Some people aren’t fussed, obviously you add both your looking at July delivery.

How do you feel now you know its Vauxhall

Sad, very sad