Mokka questions

Hi I’m just wondering is anyone currently driving the new Mokka if so what’s their opinions on it? Range? Space?

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There’s been a bit of chatter recently

And from what I gather there are just two “batches” of them out there so far - whether anyone who frequents the community is in one yet, I don’t know :thinking:

We’re all anticipating @Slimtrader10 ’s review once he finally gets hold of one (next week, IIRC)

And, after chewing the cud for several months now, I shall be following in his footsteps, mid-July - ceteris paribus as they say down the Forum….

Range - especially in winter is going to be “a-bit-pathetic” to “moderately abysmal” if you compare it to Kona, ID3 and Zoe. So - best just shut your eyes and not compare.

They are nice looking, well put together inside and out. And nicer to drive than I may have been expecting, with a reasonable level of toys. I’m seeking that size of car inside and out, with a slightly high seating/embarking/disembarking (for Mrs Beano - I’ve dragged my ar$3 along in sports cars happily enough in my lifetime :smiley:) and want VFM - so that’s why I’m going for it!