Mokka E - Heated Seats & Steering Wheel

does the Mokka e include the heated seats and steering wheel ?

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Yes it does and they are very good :slight_smile:

i found the heated seat buttons was looking at the car without it powered on

The steering wheel butting is on the left hand button pad in the middle :slight_smile:

found that one just had it delivered dont like the green stickers on the front and back windows though

Stickers have been known to come unstuck :thinking:

If it’s the round green stickers, take them off as they are just used for identifying EV cars in Storage depot. Delivery guy took mine off

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Yup - very good three-stage on proper little buttons each end of the info and climate controls in the middle. I think the setting will stay on for a short period of switching vehicle off, so you come back to it and it’s still as you left it.

Steering wheel button (under left thumb) doesn’t stay on, but it’s a very handy one to boost comfort.

I find these two features much handier than trying to precondition the cabin on cooler mornings. And generally give the modest Mokky a feeling of something a bit more premium. Like!