Model Y waitlist

Is there a waitlist I can be put on for the model Y please?
I’ve signed up to the notify me but not had any notifications.

My lease on my i3 ends soon so would like the Fisker Ocean or a Model Y next please.

Onto don’t have waitlists anymore. You just wait for a notification to say they’ve restocked or just keep checking regularly to see if there’s a car being recirculated in the fleet that you can snap up before someone else does.

If you’re running short on time you may have to pick someone else in the meantime if you can’t find a Model Y in your area and then book a swap when one becomes available.

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Just reminded me about my thoughts on some Tesla drivers, why do some think they are so superior??
Sitting at a Gridserve before heading down south and in pulls a Tesla, decides to pull in beside me and heads for the CHAdeMO connecter, tries to fit it into his car with no joy obviously :upside_down_face:
Rolled down the window and told him that won’t fit, his response: “yes it will it fitted before” and he turned his back on me.
He proceeded to ask if I was going to be long, at just over 50% said about 20mins at which he muttered something under his breath .
So he stormed off looking for coffee, so I stayed charging until 89% as I was still drawing 39kwh. He decided to hook up to the 22kwh and when he is plugged in, I unhook and tell him it’s available if he wants it.
He does not say anything so I pull out and park up to eat my breakfast roll and he was still on the 22kw when I left.
By the way the model Y lr in black looked impressive