Model Y - Possibly?

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I currently have a SR+ through you guys and it is really good, thoroughly enjoying it.

Are there any plans about getting the Model Y on your fleet when it comes available?

IF so, I would be planning to return my SR+ for a Y, if the price is right.

Is there a discount scheme, or something like that, for existing customers?

For instance, the £799 a month, for the SR+ now, I think is too much, works out more expensive than buying it, however, if one were to get the Y price, at a discounted premium, then that might make it more manageable.

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To the best of my knowledge Evezy won’t get any discount from Tesla for bulk purchases. It appears as if no one does. Every lease company I’ve spoken to (10+) have broadly the same prices. The price is the price, as far as Tesla is concerned it would appear.

Therefore I would be surprised if the Model Y has discounted pricing, because quite simply Evezy would lose money on every car they dish out.

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That seems strange, in the sense of, no discount for bulk orders, that’s a ridiculous model.

If that is the case, then on a price for price comparison, let’s say on a Model 3, it works out cheaper getting it directly through Tesla than it is doing it through Evezy (on the new pricing) and obviously cannot comment on the Model Y pricing, as it is not out for the UK as far as I am aware.

I don’t mind paying a premium for flexibility, like I am at the moment, however, not with the new pricing for me personally :).

Nevertheless, I am very happy with Evezy so far, their subscription and how things have worked out so far.


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I was looking at leasing a Model 3 around August last year. The prices then were around what Evezy were charging, maybe a little less. I decided not to proceed at the time.

I picked it up again at the start of the year and found out that every lease company I spoke to the prices per month had gone up £150+ a month across the board, for the same spec car. I have been told a myriad of reasons - Tesla has put the price up at least once since then. I was also told that certain finance companies were getting skittish about how exposed they were from holding hundreds (thousands?) of Model 3 contracts with uncertain GFVs. Tesla seem to change pricing on a whim, and Model 3 residuals are uncertain.

For this reason I’m not in the slightest bit surprised that Evezy increased the prices on these cars. If they were taking out new leases, which one presumes they have been, they would’ve had to stand that additional leasing cost as well. Since the Model 3s people already have are on contracts with old pricing they can afford to let people have the old subscription pricing for those.

There’s no way they could honour the old pricing on newly leased cars, as far as I can tell. If the likes of Leaseplan can’t get money off from Tesla buying lots of cars, then Evezy aren’t going to either.


Hi @cava83, welcome to our community!

Once the model Y is available and we have more information from Tesla regarding UK prices, features, etc. we will be able to asses adding it to the fleet. At the moment, we don’t have enough information to make an informed decision, so we wouldn’t be able to say yet. However, we will let all of you know if we decide to add it to the fleet in the future.

@Durzel Spot on!

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@Durzel What you are saying at the end there can’t be correct (the rest might be), because Evezy have guaranteed the old prices to people who were already on the waiting lists before the price rises, so at least the next few new batches of Tesla will be going to people at the old prices. I’m No.50 in the SR+ queue and my expected date is May, there is definitely a No.75 in the queue for SR+ and possibly as many in the LR and P queues. As I say, they have stated that anyone in the queue prior to the price rises will get the old prices, there could be hundreds of us still waiting.


I would be very interested in upgrading my SR+ is the model Y was an option.

The Model Y is rumoured to be released next month in the US. The UK probably won’t get any until next year.

If evezy get Model Ys, nothing will stop you putting your name down on the waitlist. Remember though, you would have to pay the subscription in force at that time for the Model Y, which would be more than you are currently paying for your Model 3.

@Lily_at_Evezy would @jbmodel3 have to put down another 4 month deposit if he swaps from a M3 to a MY in the future?

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