Model 3 Waitlist Positions

That’s correct 19 plate SR+ from late August with 6k miles on it.


I’m guessing you are a key worker and can actually use the car. Enjoy :blush:

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Yes, but only while key workering, no pleasure trips of course

Nice! You can drive to exercise as long as the exercise is longer than the drive according to the latest guidance sent to the police.

I really want to get on the list for a m3 but not since the price rise

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As it happens i have enough essential (to other people) reasons to be out every couple off days so i have had a chance to drive it whilst scowling and making sure i did not show any sign of having fun. But it is very nice to drive. Out with the granny charger though because no one can fit a charger at the moment.


@Lily_at_Evezy Are you hearing anything from Tesla regarding your next batch of M3 performance deliveries? Any chance they’re in the UK and just not been able to be delivered to you yet?


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The crazy lottery system that is the waiting list seems to continue.

I’ve moved from 18th at the start of June to 19th today.

@Lily_at_Evezy - I honestly don’t understand how hard it is to maintain an ordered list…? How have I moved back a slot in one more month of waiting?

Now entering my 9th month on the waiting list. The way it’s going I’ll be position 20th in August?

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I moved a massive 3 positions in a month, but at least in the right direction.

Did you take it up with them?

Seems there are no Tesla M3P (or LR) vehicles available, other than any returns from the current fleet for the forseable future.
There is one black SR+ return due at the end of this month, thats it, so I can only assume Tesla didnt supply anymore cars to Evezy from those that were stuck at Southampton during lockdown and the boatload that got delivered just before the end of June.
I was in pole position and have now dropped out, getting my full deposit refunded, so those on waitlist will move up one position. However thats probably not going to help anyone.
Implementing my Plan C for a few months. Will come back later in the year to see what Evezy have available then.

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Did they offer you this M3?

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Yes, George did, along with ZE50, but decided to go with Plan C for now.
Will see how that pans out.

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So you turn down a Model 3 Performance, a Model 3 SR+ and a Zoe ZE50.

My sympathy for you is starting to wear a bit thin.



Actually I only turned down the SR+
And I now know with certainty when I will get a car :grinning:
Within weeks of you getting a Zoe50

Could have swore you got offered a Performance, but didn’t like the colour. And you said George offered you a Zoe yourself???

Anyway, don’t mention Plan C here, Rob won’t like it. We’ll discuss it on the other forum.


Ah, so if it’s one SR+ returned per month, I guess that’s 9 years from now until I get offered one? :see_no_evil:

Pity he didn’t offer me a returned I-Pace, I would have responded in microseconds :sunglasses:


Unfortunately I believe the ipaces will get de-fleeted when they are returned.

With such a small number, it’ll be too much hassle to manage customer expectations.

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Guess they only ever acquired a handful, maybe 10 at most. Be interesting to see if they manage to keep those subscribers. Probably depends on what cars they have on the fleet early next year.

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Hi All

A sad day for me, but will be a very happy day for someone soon.

I’ve just arranged to have my Onto SR+ collected. I’ve requested for collection on the 10th of this month.

Reg is LG19 RRT. It’s an unbelievably good car, that only gets better! If the new keeper has any tech questions when they get it I’d be more than happy to help. Please look after it haha!



Do you have a nice photo of it that you could post?

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