Model 3 Vampire Drain

A question for those with Model 3’s.

I have an Evezy M3P, which replaced an e-Golf.

If I left the Golf overnight with a SoC of 67% then the next morning it would be maybe at 66%. The car was awake as I could send it instructions to set a departure time or switch on heating.

The M3P on the other hand seems to lose 5%, which is a lot of power. I could understand the range varying, depending on temperature for example, but SoC wouldn’t change like that.

Am I missing something, a setting somewhere perhaps?


I don’t have a Model 3, so this might not be very useful, but do you have Sentry Mode enabled?

Also, Bjørn Nyland did a recent video about Model 3 vampire drain you might find interesting:

She’s up all night pining for me :rofl:


She says she felt strange at first but now she has moved on :grinning:


Hi @kcrane. It is normal for Tesla’s to lose about 1-2% in charge level every 24 hours. If sentry mode is on, you can expect to lose around 1 mile per hour.

However, you may realise you are losing more than that even if sentry mode is off. This is due to the way our system communicates - it keeps polling the car to keep it awake, to ensure the connection is always active and you are able to lock/unlock without any delays.

We have built in the option for you to disable this, called “Sleep Mode”. By default, our Sleep Mode is turned off, meaning our system will constantly poll your car to keep it awake. You have the option to turn Sleep Mode on. This will save your Model 3’s battery, but it may take a bit longer (about 20 secs) for your Evezy app to connect to the car. You can also schedule it according to when you drive the car, so for example have it off during the day and on at night.

You can access Sleep Mode settings here, or go to our website, log in, and find it under the “My Account” menu. Feel free to change this setting as often as you want!


Thank you @Lily_at_Evezy, very useful.

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Quick update to say that I set Sleep Mode to be on overnight and the drain has dropped to 2% or so.

I may try having sleep mode on all of the time and see how bad the delay is before the car responds to open/close requests.


The delay is fine even with sleep mode on all of the time, imo…

Certainly much better than VW’s SMS based implementation, if you’ve ever had the displeasure of using car-net…


Yep, the Tesla replaced an e-Golf :slight_smile:

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