Model 3 'owners' Club

I figured with the new forum I’d start a thread for the Model 3. I’ve had a SR for just over 5 months now and covered around 5500 miles.

Whilst it’s the ‘slow’ model it’s still certainly no slouch and I’ve never had any issues overtaking on B roads.
Long distance journeys definitely require more planning, though that is the way of EV life but have always been possible using the tesla infrastructure. Utilising polar chargers also makes parking a lot easier as there are generally free bays.


Hey Dave!

Like your SR+…identical to mine haha, just looking a bit cleaner!

Where about are you located out of interest?

All the best, Tim

Hey! same as mine as Tim says, yours is cleaner than mine! ive just ticked over 4000 miles in 5 months!

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Funny how all our Evezy M3s look the same :). Anyone based In Manchester?

Yes - south Manchester/Altrincham area!

I am near Guildford, Surrey.

I now tend to see 3 x Model 3’s in the morning, 2 x ladies, 1 x guy. The guy normally says hello which is cool, he has a sport version in white.

I am in East Sussex & Kent.

See two black model 3’s around, often wonder if they are EVEZY.

1st week of my model 3 i pulled up next to an EVEZY model 3 at a supercharger :fist_right::fist_left:

I am in Chorlton - just down the road!

perhaps an “Evezy NW meetup” could be a thing! :grinning:


I suggested to evezy that they arrange some meet ups at the Ops Centres from time to time. This could be when they add a new vehicle to the fleet. That way there could be an opportunity of a test drive of the different models they offer.

@Lily_at_Evezy any news on my brilliant idea? :wink:


Sounds like a great idea. I’ll let you know! :+1:

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Not all of them. :wink:


That certainly looks nice!

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picking mine up next tuesday, I cant wait ,will be an early birthday treat ,good thing im still working so will be able to use it!


Congratulations. Don’t forget to post a photo!

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will do, looking forward to it! its been a six month wait:grin:


out of interest, to the model 3 owners club, did you guys add any accesories to your model 3?

A memory foam mattress and sleeping bag so you can go car camping.


Think most users get some USB charging cables for smartphones, (right angled ones to fit in centre tray) along with memory card/stick for sentry mode recordings. Loads of other stuff of course!

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I bought some black towels (from M&S, of course!) and put them on top of the over mats in both the Model 3 and Zoe. They protect the mats from dirt and wet, and are easy to throw in the washing machine. I keep them in place by tucking them under the mats. Being black, they blend in with the decor, and don’t look odd (to me anyway, others may have a different opinion)