Model 3 keyless entry

I have one of the first cars. Using the key card and App over data only.

What can i expect with the keyless update?
Any news on when it is rolling out?

Original email update received Nov 2019
"Our team has developed our keyless tech to work with the Model 3, meaning you will be able to unlock the Model 3 and start it all from your app, without needing to use the keycard.
For members who currently have a Model 3, this will not be available until our team installs it on your car. We will be in touch in the next few months to do this.
For members who are receiving a car in the next few weeks, this will be available straight from the start! It will also mean that you will not receive the keycard as it won’t be needed.

Me too.

I would presume proximity un-locking. Would be set on the app as to your preference.

Another fun update :slight_smile:

Hi @jbmodel3 @cava83

In November we added keyless entry (using the app), and next up is handsfree unlock. This is a feature we’re incredibly interested in building internally and as mentioned in yesterday’s update and is currently in R&D. This is taking quite a bit longer than we would have liked due to the differences across phone device models and their ability to connect to bluetooth modules.

What that means in practice is that often the car unlocks when you approach, but it sometimes can take significantly longer. Interference in carparks, high density residential areas, and office buildings compounds this issue. We’re working with a number of manufacturers to find the best hardware solution here to improve this, and hope we can get it out to a number of BETA customers to test with as soon as possible.


You’re doing a great job, keep it up :slight_smile:

This IT malarkey is not easy stuff :slight_smile:

Nothing ever goes to plan and when it does, something else happens!



I volunteer to be a beta tester for the Renault Zoe :wink:


Great idea, would be a big plus. Happy to be a guinea pig when it’s ready for testing.


You may have this implemented by the time I get an M3P, but if not happy to be a beta tester as just down the road near Banbury.