Model 3 for a Month

Day 8

Charging at the Copper Box Arena in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. You can just see part of the London Stadium in the background, used by West Ham United. The red structure to the left is the ArcelorMittal Orbit. There’s a viewing platform at the top and for £5 you can come back down to earth very quickly using the tunnel slide (the world’s tallest and longest).

This is where I often charge as I don’t have off street parking.


Challenge Update

Lands End.


John o’Groats.

North Coast 500.

Car Camping.

All the Tesla Superchargers (54).

9/54 so far

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These v3 SuCs are being installed at Park Royal SC, where my M3 is being repaired. If they’re working when I pick it up, I’ll give a v3 charge a try. It’ll be interesting to see how fast the M3 will charge given the battery won’t be that warm. Unless they’ve kept it inside until I pick it up.

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Day 12

My M3P isn’t going to be repaired in time for my Scotland road trip. So I’ll take the MS Loaner instead.

Oh look, a 1800x600 memory foam mattress fits in the back of Elsie with the rear seats folded. Now that could be useful…


I’m confused, are you in the middle of your month or have you completed it already @E7EV ?

It’s already completed. Did it on another forum in real time but thought as it’s evezy related I’d do it again on here.


It’s just like watching Dave or ITV3 etc. Same program you enjoyed first time round. :smile:


Day 13

London to Gateshead

(10) Birchanger Green SuC

(11) Grantham SuC

(12) Scotch Corner SuC

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Day 14

Gateshead to Dornoch

(13) Washington SuC

(14) Edinburgh Airport SuC

A short walk to the terminal building where the usual airport facilities are available.

(15) Aviemore SuC

Set up my sleeping arrangements in the back of the Tesla while charging as I wasn’t going to arrive at Dornoch until about 10pm.

Day 15

Camped overnight in a car park next to Dornoch beach. Could hear the waves crashing onto the beach, but couldn’t see anything as I arrived late and left early. I was stealth camping and didn’t want to get caught!

After I left the beach, I found a charging point in the town centre. Only charged at 12kW due to the cold battery. The Model S only has a 18kW on board AC charger. It will only charge DC at Superchargers or Chademo with an adapter (which I didn’t have). If I’d of had the Model 3, I could have charged at up to 50kW on CCS.


Dornoch town centre.

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Bringing together a route of just over 500 miles of stunning coastal scenery, the North Coast 500, naturally follows the main roads along the coastal edges of the North Highlands of Scotland, taking in the regions of Wester Ross, Sutherland, Caithness, Easter Ross, the Black Isle and Inverness-Shire.

There are electric charging points along the route provided by ChargePlace Scotland (This network is managed by BP Chargemaster. Polar Plus Cards don’t work but you can use the CYC App or telephone the helpline). There is no charge to use this network, but there’s not always another option if one is faulty.


Day 15

Dornoch to Wick (62 miles)


After the 60 mile drive, the battery had warmed up enough to take the full 18kW from the Charging Point. As I’m not sure if all the Chargers will be dependable, I’ve decided to always make sure I’ve got enough range to either return to the previous point, or be able to get to the next. That way I shouldn’t get stranded!

While Elsie was charging, I found a nice pub that did breakfasts! Tried Scottish Potato Cakes. Not bad :drooling_face:


Wick to John o’Groats (16 miles)

Charged at the Ecotricity Point which was on free vend!


John o’Groats to Thurso (19 miles)

This is what I saw on the way:

It was the ferry to Orkney. So I decided to make a stop at Gill’s Bay ferry terminal.

Topped up a little on electrons while I was looking around.

Seems the weather can be so bad here that even the charging point needs a wee shelter!!


After leaving the Ferry Terminal, I drove straight to Thurso. My first ChargePlace Scotland failure! Fortunately another one not too far away at Scrabster, which did work!

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Thurso to Tongue (43 miles)

Made it to Tongue, but second charger down! I’d been relying on Zap-Map feedback. Should have checked the CYC app and/or rang CPS. Learnt my lesson.


Tongue to Scourie (54 miles)

Just about had enough range to get to Scourie, but was told that that was down as well. Almost decided to abandon the NC500, but in the end went back to the previous CPS point at Melvich (Strathy) which I’d passed earlier. (This meant that I had to make a 52 mile return journey). No choice but to get a full charge there.

There was a local inn about a mile away from the charging point. So I walked there and had a nice fish supper (According to the menu, the fish had been landed at Scabster, where I had charged earlier in the day).

I left Melvich at 10pm with a full battery and headed back towards Tongue.


On the way to Tongue, I found a large lay-by and decided to spend the night there.

Here is my bedroom set up. A 60 by 180cm memory foam mattress with a sleeping bag on top.

There is a small step between the boot floor and the back of the folded rear seats. I bridged this with 6 laminate flooring planks clicked together.

As it was reasonably mild for the time of year, I didn’t need to have the heating on overnight. In fact I was able to leave the two rear windows slightly open for ventilation.

I was hoping to be able to star gaze through the glass roof while in bed! Unfortunately this didn’t work because it is tinted to protect you from the UV rays during the day.

I got up at around 8am and carried on to Tongue.


Scourie to Ullapool (42 miles)

The charger was working, so I left the car to it while I had a walk around Ullapool.

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Ullapool to Gairloch (56 miles)

Next leg of the journey was Ullapool to Gairloch. The charger was working, but I had no service, both phone and internet. So I couldn’t start the charge. Left the car plugged in and walked up a slope and suddenly had 4G. Used the CYC app to start the charge and rushed back to the car. Unfortunately the charging point had timed out. Reset the charger and plugged in again. Quickly ran back to the spot where I had had the internet, started the charge again and this time it was successful. Phew!

Left once I had enough range to get to Applecross and then on to Inverness to complete the NC500.

Problem was I hadn’t taken into account altitude.

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