Model 3 for a Month

So I decided to treat myself to a Model 3 Performance for a month, after having a Renault Zoe since February 2019.

Here it is arriving at the Leamington Spa Operations Centre.


I bet you will have it longer than a month. I said 3 months to myself, still here. haha!


Finances don’t allow I’m afraid. It is a one off treat to myself!


I dropped off my evezy Zoe at the Leamington Spa Operations Centre and drove away in a Tesla Model 3 Performance. If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it properly!

The only disappointment was that the car didn’t have FSD (Full Self Driving), just the standard Autopilot.


Yet they still charged you the same for a product that wasn’t as described…

True, but I ended up trying out FSD as I’ll go on to explain :wink:

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As I’d only have the M3P for a month, I decided to set myself a few challenges just to make life more interesting!

Lands End.

John o’Groats.

North Coast 500.

Car Camping.

All the Tesla Superchargers (54).


Wow! I look forward to hearing about that lot :blush:

How are you going to do all that in a month with only 1000 miles allowance?

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Well, in the end I did quite a few miles courtesy of Tesla UK! I’ll give you the final mileages once I’ve handed the M3P back.

Also, the end of January is my yearly mileage review. As long as I’ve done less than 12k, I won’t be charged for any overage. Any charges I incurred by going over 1000 miles in a single month will be refunded.

So if my calculations are correct, I had 4K in reserve for my Tesla month :grinning:


Day 1

Leamington Spa to the Eden Project in Cornwall

(1) Hopwood Park SuC

(2) Gordano SuC

Not used to this charging speed with the Zoe!

(3) Lifton SuC

Stayed at YHA accommodation on the Eden Project site. They have converted shipping containers into en-suite bedrooms.

Here’s Beatie and her sister Ellie charging at the Eden Project.


Day 2

Morning at Lands End

Afternoon at Eden Project

The Eden Project has a fleet of Zoes and Kango EVs provided by Renault who sponsor them.


End of Day 2

Eden Project to Axminster to see @EverythingEvezy and let him have a drive in the Tesla.

I’ve discovered that one of the headlights isn’t working. Called evezy and they will liaise with Tesla to get the issue resolved. I hope I don’t lose the car after only two days.

(4) Darts Farm SuC

Day 3

Axminster to Gloucester

After a very pleasant chauffeur driven guided tour of this lovely part of Devon, I headed off to visit family.

(5) Cribbs Causeway SuC

Only two stalls, so there was a queue. This will only get worse as more people get Model 3s.

(6) Michaelwood SuC

My brother had a drive in the M3 and was very impressed. He was pleasantly surprised at how quickly he adapted to one pedal driving.


Day 4

Gloucester to London

(7) Membury Services (Eastbound) SuC

Not a very nice view while charging :smirk:

(8) Green Park SuC

A four stall affair. Can be busy at peak times. Not many facilities. Mostly offices, but plenty of green spaces if you want to stretch your legs. Small shop nearby not open all the time. A little off the motorway so at busy times you might have to add 20mins or more on to your charging time. You may see some bunnies hopping around on the green spaces :rabbit2:

Day 5

A 94 year old friend wants to see what it’s like to ride in a Tesla. She particularly liked the acceleration from standstill in Sports mode! Well her brother did participate in the Isle of Man TT races. So it must be in the genes!


I’m enjoying this, thanks for posting. It’s interesting to hear what the UK Supercharger experience is like. Seems quite mixed so far. It’s a shame you didn’t do Supercharger reviews for the Now You Know YouTube channel for their Supercharger Review segment of their weekly Tesla Time News videos:

Those can be uploaded and shared on their website where you can see reviews on a map for loads of Superchargers:


Thanks for your feedback. I wasn’t sure whether other evezy subscribers would find my exploits interesting or not. :thinking:


The team here at Evezy certainly love seeing your adventures :heart_eyes:


Day 5

(9) Royal Victoria Dock SuC

The SuC is next to a cable car which takes you across the Thames to the O2 Arena. Something to do while you charge?

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Day 6

Beatie has gone to the Tesla Hospital to get her right eye fixed. Her big sister, Elsie will look after me while she’s in surgery. Elsie can change lanes and park all on her own. Beatie hasn’t learnt to do this yet.


Day 7

Had a play around with Auto Park on my Model S Loaner. Not very successful. Maybe it was because it was wet and dark. The car had difficulties identifying a space. When it did, it would start reversing and then very quickly abort. If I keep the car long enough, I’ll try again in the light and when it’s dry.

This experience with a FSD equipped MS has made me realise that I probably wouldn’t of used it much even if I’d have had it on my M3P. So no great loss. It looks amazing in videos made by US owners, but for some reason doesn’t seem to work as well over here.