Model 3 - car is frozen nearly every time when opened

Anybody having the issue that the car, while on charger or not, almost every morning needs a hard reset and sometimes on a couple more occasions during the day? It is so common that we only notice when the car starts simply, without needing to reset. We absolutely love the car, usually planning to have the extra time needed to start (not an escape vehicle if it would be important to someone:) but it would be good to hear the experiences of others. Opening the car with the app or card makes no difference. Wake up is set for an hour early just in case. I never thought there will be any car I will tolerate an inconvenience like this to live with, but the Model 3 certainly is.

This has not happened to me even once. Perhaps it needs a service call?

This has not happened to me either, not once. Sorry to hear about your issues.

Hi @ZWA ,

It’s great to hear that you’re enjoying the Tesla! we apologise for the problems you have been facing. Having spoken to our maintenance team the issue could be solved with a simple dealer software update.

We have contacted Tesla to arrange this and will be in contact with yourself to arrange a date and time that suits you best.

You can expect to hear from us next week as soon as Tesla confirm a date!


Hi @Manpreet_Evezy,
I did not hear back from you as promised. After several messages and emails with videos and pictures and remote log access (they constantly ask us to use the app instead which we obviously don’t have) Tesla was presumably able to diagnose what is wrong with the car, but they will only have the probably needed parts restocked in a month, so service appointment agreed for the 2nd of March, rescheduled to be able to make the morning school run and take the car after.

All this makes me wonder that the all-inclusive Evezy subscription means in our case:

  • we have to take the faulty car to service sacrificing our own time
  • during regular business hours when normally you would work instead
  • get to the service is 50+ miles, an hour drive, and 50+ miles and an hour to get back home
  • an extra 100+ mile trip to the Tesla service using our monthly mileage allowance (10% loss)
  • possible service time is expected to take 2 to 4 hours and all they offer is a lift to a nearby tram station as the Tesla service is in the middle of nowhere
  • no loaner car because they expect a short service time but anything can happen
  • if the service takes more than 3 hours, it means that we will be unable to pick up the kids from school on time, so need alternate arrangements at an additional cost too
  • 100+ miles is about 30Kwh during the winter so needs more time to charge at the service SuC or additional cost to charge at home as we do most of the time…

This just from the top of my head, maybe not a full list but hopefully you get the idea.

(For my other query after a reminder email and 18 days total I just got an apology that the relevant department will give an answer and get back to me as soon as possible. That was 5 days ago. Not very difficult questions to answer I think.)

We really like the car and the all-inclusive Evezy subscription coming at a premium price for the promised convenience which is not always as convenient as it is on the surface.

I am waiting to hear from you. Thank you.


Hi Andrea,

Firstly I would like to apologise for the delay in response. I have spoken to our maintenance team who have advised me they have spoken to Tesla and agreed if the work takes any longer than the time stated that a courtesy car will be provided. Regarding the increased mileage dropping the vehicle off, we will waive any extra miles occurred and will make sure you are not charged.

Regarding your query on winter tyres, all our vehicles are fitted with manufacture approved tyres and under UK law there is no requirement to issue a specific type of tyre . However we have mentioned previously you are more than welcome to have winter tyres fitted yourself, the only request we have is when the vehicle is returned to have it returned with the tyres that were originally fitted on the vehicle.

Thank you,

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Hi @Manpreet_Evezy,

Thank you for addressing one particular point from my list regarding the extra mileage and I am really relieved that you will not charge extra for taking the car to service. What about all my other points?

Just to make clear, the unanswered query was the following, to be exact, I copy it from the email:

"Could you please send me the official statement of Evezy regarding summer tyre usage in winter conditions from a safety and insurance perspective? Is your insurer aware of the fact that Evezy is supplying cars with summer tires and it will not render the insurance invalid if anything happens?

On Fair Wear and Tear, you can read:
‘Evezy will replace the vehicle tyre ‘free of charge’ if the tyre tread has come to or is near the UK legal limit, where the tyre has been worn within manufacturers timeline, and not from excessive acceleration or braking. Tyre punctures are not included and will be charged separately.’

My wife’s driving, even without the kids in the back, is the typical opposite of excessive acceleration or braking, but summer tires in winter conditions will definitely be worn out quickly without any excessive usage. What is the mentioned timeline from the manufacturer for reaching the UK legal 1.6 mm thread depth limit in the case of the actual car? What if the tyres reach the limit much quicker then planned because of the extra wear from the winter cold?

We really like the car and we plan to use it for long term but I am a little concerned, especially about the safety issues."

I don’t think to repeat the same thing about the option to fit proper tyres to the all-inclusive subscription car is at our discretion is making any difference. It was clear first.

Please see below the typical weather and road conditions in the last 6-7 days in our neighbourhood. The car is simply sliding down the slight slopes on the roads around, despite being a Model 3 and going only at less than 5 miles per hour. Some occasions we had to turn around and snail home because of the zero grip. Temperatures are constantly around 0-4 degrees celsius and we need to use the car and taking the risk despite the weather. The risk is not worrying me financially in the first place, it is about safety.

Thank you!

Just playing devil’s advocate here, but if you had bought that Tesla outright yourself, what tyres would it have come with? What would you have expected Tesla to do? Provide summer and winter tyres? You would have had to buy the winter tyres yourself. So why do you expect evezy to give you winter tyres?

On the matter of excessive wear due to the cold, I wouldn’t worry. I’ve always found evezy to be very reasonable and can’t see that they would charge you if your tyres wore slightly more quickly than expected.

Out of interest, where do you live that means changing from summer to winter tyres would be advisable?

Not asking for winter tyres, just something not absolutely unsuitable for use in the winter, if it’s an all-inclusive subscription for a premium price, you just sit in and drive as promised. Not weather permitting. All-inclusive with a rain check, really? The Model 3 is AWD and very sophisticated electronics and everything, but simply unsafe with the summer tyres, unsuitable for safety reasons. Not too bad if the road is level, just if there is a steep slope…
We live in Scotland, East Kilbride. Just after the border, south. I don’t think winter, snow, constant low temperatures and icy-snowy road conditions are unknown phenomenons in the UK.
If I buy a car and not an all-inclusive car subscription, that’s a completely different situation. Why do you even think I would ask Tesla for what you said? And yes, they will provide winter tyres if I ask, at a certain price, as they provide a car for a certain price. Evezy provides a car for monthly terms and monthly price, but I have to buy the tyres myself? Is it the same for you?

Having a car a different way I would not face the opportunity that they could cancel my subscription any time, so I can invest in a new tyre set, no worries. On the other hand I have the flexibility to cancel as well, no long term commitment. The car is absolutely outstanding despite all the problems so that part worked. But you can not be certain about circumstances nowadays as everything is so volatile.
You have all-inclusive service, but you need to care about the car as it would be your own regarding diagnostics, services, maintenance, suitable tyres for weather conditions usually expected for months every year. Yes, they are very considerate, they will not charge for the mileage used to take the car to service, if I use all of the monthly allowance that month, but it’s counted in the cumulative mileage so at the and I pay for it 30p per mile. Getting the idea? When we moved, I already paid £500 for extra mileage to prevent ‘their loss’.
Regarding my questions about tyres and safety, seemingly their tactic is to wait for spring to come so the main issue will go away at least for a while.
I liked Keanu better as the Devil’s Advocate. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

So what are you asking for? Evezy offered you a standard Tesla M3 at a certain price with certain conditions on both sides. You accepted. You know where you live and the weather conditions. So if a standard M3 is not suitable, why did you get one?

Sorry, maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t really see what your issue is.


Nearly all manufactures only provide cars in the UK with standard summer tyres, which are useless below 7deg C.
Based on your location you need winter tyres or all season.
In your place if Evezy subscription is the right solution for your needs, then you really need to get appropriate tyres fitted. I would go with all season as they will provide the safety you enquire all year round.

And Evezy are saying they are OK with this modification…
However we have mentioned previously you are more than welcome to have winter tyres fitted yourself, the only request we have is when the vehicle is returned to have it returned with the tyres that were originally fitted on the vehicle.

In the next decade manufacturers may see sense and provide all cars as standard with all season tyres, or indeed U.K. law may change to reflect this much needed safety requirement.

In the meantime it’s down to individuals. I live in North Oxfordshire and we have a Yeti with winter tyres (currently, will be replaced with all season later this year) and a Focus with all season.

I do some part time driving for a company that work with most major U.K. car manufacturers delivering and collecting demo cars from customers, press, events etc. I only ever do this during the summer months, as all standard UK cars are not safe to drive on summer tyres during the winter months. Others do, but they risk their and others lives by doing this. That is true of probably 90% plus of all vehicles on the road. Scary. :grimacing:

We all need to write to and lobby local MP’s, AA, RAC, manufacturers in the hope that it will change for the better for all of us.

But summer tyres are better in the wet than all season tyres ( and in the bit of Oxfordshire i live in it is much more often wet than it is below 7 C.

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Like everything in life it’s a good compromise.

I am really sorry you don’t understand what the issue is. But that’s absolutely irrelevant. The company needs to understand what the issue is. I think it was a bad idea from them to address things on an open forum.

Maybe you should have selected a more suitable vehicle.

That way this issue could have been avoided.


You are the person that started the thread and put this issue into the public domain, not evezy.

This is a community forum. The idea is that the community, in this case evezy subscribers, help and support each other. But if someone expresses an opinion that is not widely held by others in the same or similar situation (and I’m not saying that is necessarily the case here) then they should expect to be challenged. This is useful, because if we’re open and honest, we may see our viewpoint needs to be readjusted.

Again I’m not saying that is the case with all of your concerns. I’m just explaining how I understand forums work. If I post something totally out of order (which I have done, on several occasions) I’m glad that my fellow subscribers put me straight.

On the single issue of tyres (and not the other valid concerns you have raised) I don’t agree with you. Evezy have supplied you with the vehicle you requested, as received from the manufacturer. If you had special requirements, you should have discussed that with them before accepting delivery, especially if it was a deal breaker.

On the other matters, I fully support you in wanting them resolved with the least inconvenience to yourself. And yes, I agree, they have not communicated with you properly and promptly. Well done for calling them out publicly.


Totally agree with the general view of the community here.
We all understand the issues.
It seems you have selected a vehicle which is in general not suitable for your location. If this is your first EV then this is a big learning curve for yourself and your remoteness to a Tesla SC doesn’t help at all. I think Evezy have at least offered you a practical solution, namely you swapping the tyres, but in respect of the other issues they need to find a less inconvenient route to resolve the issues if at all possible. It almost sounds as if this is your only car, which clearly makes this more problematic.

Maybe explaining your circumstances of car choice might help the community and also Evezy better resolve the issues now and in the future. It might influence how they approach the subject of tyres and safety maybe not just in the North, but U.K. nationwide and soon the rest of Europe.


I asked the community for other’s experiences or possible other occurrences of an issue. Evezy chose to reply publicly. They were aware of the issue beforehand.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you “@” Manpreet_Evezy twice on this thread with your problems and they then replied to it. What exactly did you expect? You could have emailed them or called them if you wanted your issues to be dealt with privately.


I need to correct you, I addressed a question to the community asking about the experiences of others, and they answered publicly, while ignoring my emails to them for weeks and it has not changed. Last communication from them was on the 9th of February, nothing specific just sorry for the delay and we will get back to you soon. No communication in any form from them since. Maybe the relevant departments they waiting for are simply non-existing yet? It was almost a month ago. I don’t think it needs any comment, it speaks for itself. Did you really think I don’t use the proper channels with them to deal with the issues?
Display repair tomorrow, agreed directly with Tesla, after lots of messages, emails, pictures, remote diagnosis and calls with them.