Mitigation of £1000 excess

Hi everyone I am going to use Onto shortly - can you buy excess insurance protection, so that in the event of an accident you are protected? If so can anyone let me have details of where to buy please?

You can buy directly from Onto as add ons, (like mileage add ons), which will reduce the excess to £350
see this link… and also use the help for anything else you may have questions about…

Before this became available (quite recently) many people used another external provider, mainly I4CH and as with all things like this its down to you to read, understand and decide whether its right for you.


Thank you for the information - much appreciated.

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Does anyone know if you have this excess reduction bolt on and you have a puncture that requires a new tyre whether or not this is now covered at no extra cost?

According to appendix 4 of the hire agreement, tyre damage is covered if you have the reduced excess bolt on:

Additionally, provided that you have complied with the Agreement at all times, the purchase of an Excess Reduction will mean that we will waive your liability for the following items:
● Damage to the Tyres
● Windshield and auto glass damage (up to £1,000 for windshield or auto glass damage)
● Damage to the undercarriage and roof
● Loss or damage to the vehicle keys.


That’s what I thought thank you for that but it’s not confirmed in the blog which is confusing

You can, whether you have or don’t have the reduction, get tyres yourself

However if I recall in the T&C’s the tyres must meet or exceed the spec of what came originally on the vehicle and at your own expense.

Just worth remembering as an alternative to the £1,000 excess or having to wait for Driverline to sort out new tyres for you

Yeah I’d just rather not have any additional costs in the dreaded event of having a puncture