Missing the ev car

So in January I returned the ev back to onto and bought an ice car due to local charging.
But I must admit I do miss the ev driving.
Now onto supply cars with the key and also include instavolt I kinda wish I stayed with them.

I read posts before saying they will never go back to an ice car but I get it now.


Come back! We forgive you :laughing: :wink:


I still have a 2009 VW Polo which I’m hanging on to for the time being; insurance, tax and MOT are paid until February so it’s essentially “free” for now as long as nothing breaks, and it’s useful for the odd work site visit which the ONTO insurance doesn’t currently cover me for on the Zoe. It’s well maintained and I still think is a very competent car in its class.


I made a 140 mile return trip in the Polo yesterday and it made me realise how much I don’t miss an ICE or a manual gearbox. The idea of a power plant which delivers power, torque and efficiency at different arbitrary points, requiring driver involvement to stir a lever in order to attempt to get the best out of a series of compromises seems just bizarre now.