Missing miles from account

Good afternoon all , I seem to be missing nearly 1000 miles from my account I have email from onto Saying they can see mileage is missing has anyone had this sort of issue happen to them before ?? Just worried that I get charged the excess mileage on the account ??

Hi @Zoedriver, I flagged to the CS team and they have reviewed and will drop you an a note with an update. You will not be charged excess mileage.

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Thanks Adam ,

Now you mention it, I feel like my mileage is a bit off.

When I got the eC4 I had 3,000+ excess miles I had racked up in the Kona and the ID3. I rarely use my full mileage allowance and my APP is showing 300 remaining. If I rarely use the 750 then :man_shrugging:

Didn’'t think anything of it.

What I imagine has happened to me is the mileage has expired.

Mileage credit is lost 1 year after the month in which it was accrued.


I’ve felt the past few weeks I’ve lost a lot of accured mileage too, but I’ve also put this down to it likely expiring

Hi, did this actually get sorted?

Yes I got credited the missing milage to my account. :+1:t2: thanks ONTO


Thanks for confirming this.