Mini Hatch Electric Level 3

WLTP range 145 miles. Would be great if the price point is between £400-£480. It’s got all the mod cons but no rear tinted windows which is a shame. Very fun to drive with a go-kart feeling.


Ohh I’d give that a go , trouble is how much will it lose from range in winter ?


80-100 miles in the winter. I wouldn’t mind as I only cover 30-50 miles per day. But in saying that, I’ve gone over 120 miles of my 1,500 allowance with the Peugeot e-208 GT (my first month - Sept 2021), obviously this will be reduced inline with the winter range forthcoming.

And this could be a better replacement for the BMW i3.

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Had one for a day before we purchased the ID3. It’s definitely a cool looking car and the interior is up there. Small footprint so easy to park although I found it’s still heavy to steer at slow speeds.

As above, What would you expect in winter from a range perspective???

ONTO have no plans to get the Mini Electric, Honda e or Mazda MX-30 due to the low range of these vehicles.


I think they’ll want to stay away from sub 150 mile cars due to the charging costs, shame. I wished BMW would being out a longer range i3 as I loved my 120Ah from Evezy in the old days.

Nothing to do with charging costs. You pay for charging per kWh. It’s no more cheaper or expensive to charge this per kWh than it would be to charge a car with double the battery capacity like the Kona. It simply means plugging it in more frequently. Which isn’t great for their delivery drivers.

Totally depends how you drive it. Looking at today’s GOM Figure of 88 Miles on 100% Charge you can’t be so sure.

If I drive it in this way during winter I could probably get it down to maybe 70 miles when conditions get really bad.

Jeez! :grimacing: I wouldn’t mind it still, love the go-kart drive feeling. I used to hire the petrol version via hertz £1 per hour back in the day (10 years ago).

I meant they would prefer cars that get a longer range and they will be paying a connection charge as well as a kWh rate, besides in the current markets sub 150mile cars are less appealing to subscribers. As you say , it might not be about the cost but its not a cheap car to on-board and would be overpriced against other cars I’d guess if PCP prices are any indication.

The VW E-UP is a great example, 125 mile range and all the bookings were filled in it’s first month I heard.

Case in point, look at the price compared to what they would charge for the mini.