Mileage ...week on

Had my car a week and millage isn’t updating.

Anyone else have this problem reported this too onto and just waiting now

Don’t worry about it.
Every month when my subscription renews I take a pic of the miles on the car. Never been billed unexpectedly :+1:t3:

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Or use Trip Meter B to track the miles yourself if you’re worried about inadvertently exceeding the 1000 mile allocation.

I’m not too worried at the moment because with all the mileage credit I’ve built up due to COVID I’d have to do more than 6k miles to risk getting fined! I need to start planning a few road trips for when we’re allowed to travel again. Charge points are going to be very busy this summer. :wink:


I had same problem with my miles over a week and when it did finally sort it self out I was -149 miles but onto took them off for me as it was the app faukt no joys but sorted with onto they said it’s cause I use the key and not app to unlock and let it refresh … but that’s why I use the key cus the app is crap doesn’t always unlock or takes few seconds which is annoying when weather is crap or u got Ur hands full it is better that it connects automatically but the rest is a pain my opinion defo prefer having key