Mileage reset

I’m sure it’s me being thick and I’ve misunderstood something, but my subscription date is 25th of the month and the new one (or so I thought) was due to start today.

I’ve checked the app and it says I’m now over my miles, but I was expecting them to go back to 0 overnight and I’m a bit confused. Is it actually tomorrow that it will all reset? No problem with being charged if I’ve got it wrong but I just want to know for future reference as it wasn’t obvious, at least not to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Janso - this usually updates around 9am - could you check once more and confirm if the issue is still there please? If so I’ll have our CS Team look into this for you :wink:

Hi @Raheel_at_Onto, it’s updated now but my full amount so I guess as far as Onto are concerned, I’ve gone over (which in fairness, I had by two miles anyway as of last night) - typical that I leave the house at 7:45 if it refreshes at 9! :blush:

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