Mileage packages?

The problem is they could have easily said that, but quoting the January email here

they made it sound like the delays so far have been organising breakdown, ensuring nothing changes with Brexit and the changes they need to make to comply with the local regulations, so that shouldn’t cause any further delays in my opinion.

It’s March 9. So they aren’t even late yet.

Please see my post above. Two people I spoke to from Evezy a week ago said this will not be done anytime soon. According to them it’s a medium-term goal to allow European driving.

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Hi all,

I wanted to shine some light on the mileage package, and why it’s taken longer than initially anticipated.

Last month, following the introduction of pre-authorised payments we started working on providing the ability for customers to add on additional mileage packages to their subscription. As mentioned in Rob’s email, this was planned to roll out in February.

During the month of February, we had a number of comments from customers relating to their pre-authorised payment appearing twice on their statement. Some banks don’t update their statements regularly for customers, which makes it look like a double charge, and has led to confusion, so we’ve changed the way in which we capture pre-authorisations to combat this. As part of this work, we also updated the way in which receipts and VAT invoices are constructed and sent. This work was planned for later in the year, however as we were making changes in this space, it made sense to do all of the work at once.

Due to this context switch, it unfortunately delayed our launch of additional mileage. The team are now nearing completion on the work to allow you to add additional mileage packages to your subscription, and we’re hoping to get this launched in the coming weeks.

I apologise for the delay in getting this launched. We’ve taken measures to ensure if changes like this occur in our published release roadmap, we notify you through email or on the blog.

We’ve posted a more detailed breakdown on our blog outlining the changes to pre-authorisations:


Thanks for explaining the delay @Ayman_at_Evezy.

Looks like you’re working late, so feel free to go into the office a bit later tomorrow :grinning:

You’ve made @kcrane, Mrs kcrane and the E7EV M3P very happy :wink:


Looking forward to hearing the details :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the update @Ayman_at_Evezy


Thanks for the update.

Would it just be easier to just allow going over the 1000/1250 limit at a set rate per mile, rather than having to administer bolt-ons?

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Hey @benwillcox, yes at the moment we charge a set rate per mile for going over the limit. We are introducing packages to make it easier to manage miles and also because purchasing a package will be cheaper than paying the set rate, however, if you prefer not to purchase a package you will still be able to pay a set rate for the overage. More information is coming in the next few weeks with a detailed break down of how it will work.


Will the mileage packs go above 1250 miles?


That is the purpose of the mileage packages, to allow you to go over the 1250 limit by (presumably) pre-paying a set amount to bolt on an extra allowance of miles.
I hit the 1250 limit every month so I’ll be very glad when it comes!

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My Predictions:

Standard Vehicles

1001-1250 miles - extra £20 per month
1001-1500 miles - extra £50 per month
1001-1750 miles - extra £80 per month

Premium Vehicles

1001-1250 miles - extra £30 per month
1001-1500 miles - extra £70 per month
1001-1750 miles - extra £110 per month

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@mikebo1 Yes they will!

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@Lily_at_Evezy Will they go over 1750 miles?

Not sure about this one - I will try to find out for you. Regardless, we will be sending out all the info in the coming weeks :smiley:

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I’m interested in Mileage Packages, any updates?

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Another option which would be nice:- instead of a start of 1000 miles a month, maybe start at 750 or 800 miles then 1000 miles. Or atleast give a credit back on doing a sizeable mileage credit. I’ve got about 3000miles just under in ‘credited miles’ while I will use some, even if I have 12 months to use them I am going to have a sizeable amount at 12month hire point!

Andy F-G