Mileage packages?

Hello Evezy Admins,

Wondered whether there was any news on the mileage packages that are due to be launched this month?


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An email update on Dec 23rd 2019 mentioned more info in February 2020, so I would wait until the end of the month.

Thanks Jason, I last spoke to Evezy a couple of weeks ago and they indicated an email would be going out in about a weeks time.
As I’ll reach my mileage allowance before the end of Feb I was hoping there would be some more news soon so that I can buy some more mileage and keep on driving before it runs out!


I’m hoping you can as and when buy blocks of miles rather than having tiers as I expect these will be added onto the new price structure

Using an i3 on the old tariff as an example:

£399 for 1000 miles per month
£419 for 1250 miles per month
£439 for 1500 miles per month

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Hopefully we get some news on this next week.

I doubt I’ll go over 1000 but during summer holidays it’s a real possibility with trips to Lego land 300+ miles away.

I’d love to drive to Disney in France but until I’m confident charging that’ll have to wait.

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You’ll have to calculate if the excess mileage charge a couple of times a year will be more or less than the increased subscription you’ll pay for a larger mileage package.

Check back using MOT or Service invoices to see what your yearly mileage is. As long as you come in under 12k miles pa, or pro rata if you leave evezy before a year, you will be reimbursed any mileage overage charges.

Edit: Of course we don’t know yet how evezy will do it. Could be a monthly charge for an increased yearly mileage. Or you may be able to buy extra miles in say 100 mile packages as and when you need them.

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Well February has come and gone, and no news from Evezy.

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I’m itching to do another road trip so I eager to find out what they’re going to do as well.

I emailled them directly to ask about it:

‘Unfortunately, we are still working on the new increased mileage packages and are yet to have a release date. As soon as we have any updates we will let you know.’


Why promise February in their ceo email if it was never going to happen

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Yep, I spent February telling my wife not to worry about the miles, Evezy were going to make it more flexible (at a cost of course). An update on when we will know the new options would be nice.


What sort of annual mileage would you like to be able to do in “the E7EV car”?

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Good question, though how many miles the red Model 3 Performance formerly known as the “@E7EV car” has left in it, I’m not sure after the hard life it led in its early weeks :slightly_smiling_face:

I reckon I need 15,000 over 12 months, but it will be lumpy. Last month was 1200, this month looks like being 800’ish. Month after that might be 1500.

I’m not likely to exceed what Evezy describe as overage (the 250 mile additional allowance each month at 8p a mile). If I do the full 3000 miles overage, it will cost £240 for the year. I am fine with that.

The tricky bit is between administering a month by month rental and the possibility of it actually being an extended hire, say 12 months.

Evezy feel obliged to charge overage each month, after all it is a monthly contract, and the associated email highlights that you’ve pushed your luck by going over 1,000 miles and warns you (in not so many words) not to go over 1,250.

However I intend to keep the car for months, and my use varies. So I would rather pay an extra £30 a month upfront for an agreement I can go 1,250 a month AND how far I went won’t be reviewed until I hand the car back. I don’t want warning emails in high months and silence in low ones.

I can imagine that it seemed straightforward to offer mileage packages, but it is proving tricky to formulate and worryingly complex to administer.

What do you think they will offer?

If I recall you used what was in effect an annual mileage allowance in order to do big miles in the Tesla after doing low ones in the Zoe? So you carried the mileage allowance across months and across cars.


Had the Tesla in month 12 so had already about 4k in hand. Paid £24 in overage charges one month but got that back at the end of my first year.

If I’d had the Tesla earlier in the year, I’d have been hit with a large bill of £395 in overage charges for the 2500 total miles I did. I would have had to wait until the end of the year to get that back. It would be good if evezy did mileage rollover so you could use the miles you’d already built up for a month where you needed to do more than 1k.

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Agreed, an improvement to the policy could be to base it on total miles rather than per month miles. After 1 month 1000 miles, after 2 months 2000 miles etc.

That could then be made flexible by charging £50 per extra 250 miles a month.

Then I would get 1,250 allowance in month one, 2,500 miles month two, 3,750 after month three etc.

That would double their income for each 250 miles overage, but still be bearable for me, and more flexible.


Similarly I asked them about European driving and whether they have any news on that last time I spoke to them about a week ago and they said it’s something they are working on and will email everyone as soon as they have news, but that won’t be anytime soon, but more in the medium term.

Doesn’t sound as promising as the March date they gave in the January email :neutral_face:


I do think that message from Rob in January has turned out to be a case of “over promising and under delivering”.

And for what purpose?

No one, or very few, had any expectations that the features mentioned would be released in the short term anyway.

There is a long waiting list, so no need to generate extra business either. Were people unsubscribing in their droves? I doubt it.

I think new customers should decide on whether the current evezy offering suits, and subscribe or not on that basis.

It’s great that evezy welcomes suggestions and ideas, and I’m sure that will continue. But evezy should just acknowledge them, and not start making promises they are unlikely to be able to keep. Then when we’ve forgotten about these nice to haves, shock and awe us with an announcement of their immediate release.

Here endeth my Sunday Sermon.


It is more than mild disappointment if Evezy don’t follow through with promises. I used the car without concern for mileage during Feb when with some effort I could have arranged things differently. I didn’t bother as mileage packages were on their way.

There will be other people who have arranged to sell cars, or close out PCPs, or give loan cars back to relatives based on the delivery dates Evezy at least suggested, if not hand on heart promised. Then when the car doesn’t turn up they are out of pocket or stuck without transport.


I think this illustrates why they are taking so much time with packages.
If they aren’t careful they could end up with some cars having very high mileage and that could mess up their resale value.

eg if a couple of other people have the same idea as you that Tesla will do 7.5k in 3 months.

It’s similar with the European driving extension - they will be responsible for ensuring the vehicles are compliant with the relevant regulations (eg winter tyres) - another layer of administrative complexity that they just aren’t geared up for.