Mileage not updating

So my app is telling me my E208 is charged to 102%. My mileage has not changed and the app has not updated in over 2 days.

If i check my mileage in the website its not updated either.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app does not help.

Im wondering if im the only one and what i should do to fix this?

Have you tried pressing the refresh button on the app?

Does it update if you unlock then lock the car with the app?

If not you may need to try connecting your phone to the car via your Bluetooth settings. I can’t recall what the ONTO receiver shows up as, some of the cleverer people on here will know.

In the meantime keep note of the cars odometer to track your mileage

There is another thread where @Ayman_at_Onto said that it is an issue affecting a few cars and they are working to fix it. Hopefully it should be pushed out by next week.

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Same here. My ID3 hasn’t reported the right mileage for at least 2 weeks, spoke to customer service twice now but still no fix


Hi there!

My E-208 sometimes states 102% charge as well, strange times!

In relation to your app, can you please try the following if not done so already:

  1. Unlock the car with the app
  2. Start the vehicle and go on a 5-10 min drive
  3. When you get back home lock the car with the app

After around 10 mins this should usually start pulling data back through. The app needs to be used every so often to maintain the consistent connection with the vehicle. I usually unlock mine with the app every 2 weeks or so and that seems to work fine.

@steelermark We have a very small number of Audi’s and VW’s which haven’t been displaying mileage correctly. I believe this is a VW software bug and this will be resolved within the next couple of days (if not already)

I hope this helps guys!



Just fully charged my e-208, and yes app says 102%! I must say when it has a warm battery, it charges really fast. Left in on a 50kW at 48% and went back after 45 minutes. Charger was off, and I thought the charge had failed. Turned out it had already finished. No issue as no one else had access to the charger which is behind a gate locked at 8pm at Exeter Racecourse.


@E7EV I’ve had an E-208, a Kona and an ID.3 and the E-208 appears to be king of fast charging when warm.

I went to instavolt (Durham Bannatynes) and it was adding 5-10 miles a minute at one point last week when it was really hot

It might not have the greatest range of our cars but it gets over 200 and charges fast so I cant complain!


ONTO sent out an email earlier this week saying milage wasn’t updating on the app and that it would be fixed by the end of this week, mine hasn’t resolved yet (ID3) but was working fine before this week

not sure if this is related, my ID3’s alarm is going off randomly again. so far this issue has usually been related to onto’s software updates. Wonder if anyone else has had this?