Mileage measurement

What do Onto base their mileage on? Is it the app or actual mileage on the car? The reason for asking is the app says I have driven about 50 miles when in reality I have done about 125.


They use the GPS sensor that’s built in to the camera or stuck to your dash depending on what car you have, and this is sent back to Onto servers using the black box device hidden away behind the dash.

This isn’t always updated immediately, and it’s good practice to leave the key at home, unlock, start and drive, then lock the car again entirely with the app every so often to force this to update and keep track of your usage. This will prevent any issues with a sudden shock charge for excess mileage.


That is helpful, thanks.

So, say you leave the key at home then go somewhere park up then when you try to come home the cars say “ no key detected” ?? This has happened to me twice luckily it was outside my house

You have about 30 seconds from unlocking with the Onto app to being able to start. If you get the no key detected message, just unlock the car again and then press the start button. It will work.