Mileage issue

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Does anyone else have issues with the mileage Onto record? I’ve just looked at my remaining miles before contract ends on the 10th of Oct and it seems too low. Second time this has happened :frowning: I’m going to see if I can get a daily breakdown from them.


Mine is regularly all over the place. Use your car’s trip computer and keep track of it that way. The app and website don’t seem to be a reliable way of keeping track day to day, but at the end of the month it seems to ultimately work out correctly.

A few days ago it was saying 1000, yesterday it was 498 and today its gone up a bit to 550. None of these numbers really match up to what my car says I’ve done at present.


I agree with Koda

The app is to be ignored but somehow the month end figure always seems correct.

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Ignore the onto app mileage. It’s a load of rubbish.
When I got the car I took a picture of the mileage on my dash (odometer)
Every month on the day my subscription renews I take a picture of the dash with miles.
Mine renews tomorrow, the app is saying I’m well over on my miles but my time & date stamped photos show I’m well under.
@Lily_at_Onto - something for you to look into? The app mileage is pants.


My app seems to be quite accurate at the moment. The ideas of using the trip meter and taking a photo of the odometer are really good.

The mileage recorded on our accounts should also be accurate. I would think that most of us don’t need to worry too much. We’ve probably built up a mileage credit during lockdown, and so are unlikely to be charged for going slightly over 1k for some months to come.

I’m 2500 miles in credit, counting from March to August. So even if I do 1.25k a month, I’m good until June 2021 :slightly_smiling_face:

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I seem to remember you saying we should get back any mileage credit at 12 month mark? I am yet to hear from Onto.

If you were charged for going over 1k miles in a particular month, but have done 12k or less at the end of month 12, you can claim a refund. This will not be actioned automatically. You will need to request the refund. That’s what I did, and it was refunded within a couple of days.

As far as I understand it, there is no time limit for Mileage Credit. It just carries on rolling over until you have used it up. The 12 months applies to where you have paid overage fees, but then gone on to do less than 12k miles in that subscription year.

This rollover is discretionary and only if you continue to have a vehicle in the same tier. If you go up a tier, you would have to start again in building up mileage credit. This is because mileage charges are higher for vehicles in higher tiers. If you come down a tier, the same applies, but I would probably argue that as I’m moving to a vehicle with lower mileage charges, I should keep my mileage credit. But that discussion probably deserves a thread of its own!

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I thought it was only happening to me!, but I gave up chasing them up, customers should not be needing to do the tracking themselves, it means the app is flawed.

consider yourself lucky, im still chasing up my £1000 excess which they decided to keep, on a damage that I was not even involved in (yes its a small rant!)

Thanks, I emailed them and they have today informed me of a refund.

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This should be less of an issue now that the new Mileage Packages and Mileage Credit has officially been launched. There will be greater visibility of how many miles you have left through the app and My Account. If you start getting near 0 miles before the end of the month, simply buy a Mileage Package to avoid mileage overage fees. Any miles you don’t use that month will be carried over as credit.

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Yes, the mileage changes are much better. Already reflected in my app.

In the unused mileage credits tab in my account what does the credit expiring line refer to?

Mileage Credit only lasts a year from when you acquired it. So the mileage in that line is what you’ve got to use this month, otherwise you’ll lose it. Mileage Credit built up in month x has to be used before month x+11.


I have a Total Mileage Allowance of 6279 miles to use until the 13th October when my Zoe is collected. Shame I can’t cash them in for under usage of vehicle!


Time to do that bucket list item… drive all around the perimeter of the UK :wink:

Can you gift them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Seems a shame to loose them :woman_shrugging:t3:

If I were you, I’d do a 10 day road trip around Germany

If only I could and there was an option to, but I think onto have enough basics to get right first!

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Just that lack of spare holiday allowance in my way :frowning: all those miles going to waste