Mileage Charge £311 Glitch - Help

Been charged £311.08 mileage by On.To but its down to a glitch!

I got my Hyundai ioniq, it was stuck at KM/ph on delivery, one day the car reset all user settings and I was able to get it back to M/ph. all was well the car was tracking the mileage.

One day my car decides to set itself to KM/ph again without being able to change it back showing I’ve used over 2400 miles over my allowance.

The car is back on M/ph yet again, my onto account shows 2400 miles available, (I’ve only been with onto 2 months so far so this is 100% wrong) but got an email saying I’m going to be charged for the amount above.

Waiting for the notifications team to reply, has anyone had any similar issues?

for reference I’ve done 1400-1600 miles in my first 2 month period.

Not heard of any other subscriber with this issue before.
I have had cars that have been setup as being in another country though, but not one that’s switched at random.

Suggest you write an email to Onto and enclose as much evidence as possible to support what has happened. Suggest you take pics if it happens again and keep a photo record of mileage for each month.

Probably worth reporting it as a fault also, as it almost sounds like a random/intermittent connection causing a reset.


Car and Bluelink (latest app) change randomly between mph and kph so now I am glad that they can’t read the actual mileage as the installed hardware is faulty since delivery. :smiley: Ioniq too. The least funny is the speedometer changing too.


Glad its not just me :persevere: Ive sent a few emails. just waiting on the response but had no reassurance the charge will be waived yet.


I’d suggest getting in touch with Onto customer services with a photo of the odometer explaining the situation, they should be able to sort it out.

If your car is unable to display miles any more you could also book it in to be looked at, as I can imagine it’s frustrating for several reasons!

Hope you get it sorted soon :crossed_fingers:


As of 17th Jan still no reply from CS I get passed off to say contact notification team but I get no response

I would keep trying (phone and use Option 1) - but you may also want to send for @Raheel_at_Onto as well.

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That’s weird. I updated my Ioniq and it switched to KM/Km/h for a little while but didn’t encounter this issue.

I’ve switched it back to mph and all is well. Did you record the mileage when you got the car or take a photo of it?