Mileage bolt on

Hi everyone

Thinking of adding another 500 miles on as a bank type deal just in case I go over and not have to worry about my daily mileage.

Gonna see how the next week or two goes in terms of mileage, is there a limit to when I can add the bolt on if I’m running short on miles this month? My renewal date is 24th may.

My understanding is that as long as you do it the current subscription period then you’re absolutely fine.


@James9811 any miles which you add will stay on your account for 12 months. So if you only use 100 miles , the other 400 will carry over. you can add a bolt on at any time.

Its worth noting that the charge for your bolt on will come off your next bill with us so you won’t pay for these immediately, it’ll just add the cost onto your next month.

Hope this helps

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Managed to surpass (I don’t actually know now - I stopped counting :man_shrugging:t2:) 20,000 miles in less than 18 months.

Found out the hard way that driving can be so much fun again. My last ICE was dwindling down to about 7,000 miles a year, then 3,000 when Covid came along…. :face_with_monocle:

If there’s one good thing about the subscription model it is that flexibility as things change. Imagine signing up to a car for four years on 5,000 miles pa deal! :flushed: