Mileage bolt on issue

I added a 500 mile bolt on to my subscription last month using my earned reward points. All went smoothly until I received my latest round of invoices. I have discovered that I am being charged £80 for this which I believe to be incorrect as the 4000 reward points where Also deducted from my account last month. I have contacted CS but as yet no reply. Has anyone else had this issue?? Thanks

Flagging @Hena_at_Onto to follow up on this.


Thanks for flagging this @burnt_crisps2!

It was lovely speaking to you over the phone @Evnewbie78! I’m sorry for the trouble you had, but I hope I was able to help get this sorted for you now. Please do reach out if you need anything else at all! :grin:

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It was a pleasure to speak to you too everything sorted now thank you ever so much will contact again if needed next month thanks again


Unfortunately it’s happened again this month. I used my reward points to purchase a 1000 mile bolt on which according to my calculations should have cost me around £30( I redeemed almost 3000 points), however I have been charged the full amount (£170). I have sent an email to CS but no reply as if yet ( I know the guys are super busy) but If someone could please look into this I would be most grateful :+1::crossed_fingers:

I’ll flag @Hena_at_Onto again for you as the Onto team will not know about your post unless you flag one of them.
Trust it gets sorted quickly for you.
But also makes me think there is an issue with the process flow that needs fixing so will flag @Ayman_at_Onto for his team to look at too.


Thank you for your assistance :+1:


I was always charged the full amount, but that was only for the pre-auth. The correct amount was debited when the payment was actually taken.

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Hey @Evnewbie78 ! I think this may be related to a swap coinciding with the booking. I’ll pass on the info I have on our side to our CS team and they should be in touch with next steps on getting this sorted (both technically for the future, but also to ensure you’re not charged any incorrect amounts) :slight_smile:


When I had this issue, I was told by CS that this will always happen due to the rewards system being somewhat disconnected to the subscription payment system. (Unless it has all changed) what happens to me is, I apply the bolt on with rewards, pay for subscription + bolt on in cash, then the rewards kick in and refund me the bolt on cost.

Unless something has changed, this is how it has always worked for me, which is not the best UX - but it works.

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I had this with the Reduced Excess bolt-on that I used my points for and was confirmed it to be on, but come swap day it disappeared and still hasn’t reappeared.

I did this in the App as well

Customer Services were meant to readd it, but still its not showing… @Hena_at_Onto


That’s great @Ayman_at_Onto thank you

Hi @Ayman_at_Onto i hope you’re well just wondering if there is any news regarding a resolution to this ongoing issue with my mileage Bolt on as the invoice has now been paid and I am yet to receive a refund or the reward points back if you could get back to me that would be great thanks

Sorry about that @Evnewbie78 - I’ve reached out to the CS team directly and am confident someone will be in touch soon about this - apologies for the delay here.


Thank you @Ayman_at_Onto :+1: