Mileage and service questions

Two questions here if anyone can help out:

  1. Last night our app said 180 miles remaining and this morning its gone to -190 after a short 2 mile trip. At first i thought it was glitching but it still says the same now. We do the same journeys and always have miles spare, we check it every day or so to see how many is left and its been tallying up to our trips like normal until today. so im scratching my head here should we contact onto direct because i dont fancy an £80+ charge on the next bill for an error or does the app do this from time to time?

  2. Service due light just came on our 208 its first one for 7000 miles do we contact onto and book it in or will they know and contact us? Whats the procedure like is it simple & will we get a car to use while its in?

You can buy a mileage bolt-on if you prefer. It will save you money compared to excess mileage fees. And if it does happen to correct itself later on then you can carry over this mileage credit for up to a year for peace of mind from the overage. Get in touch with Onto customer service if you’re concerned that it’s not accurate. Leave the key at home, unlock, drive, and lock the car again using only the app and this should force a mileage update to the Onto servers to make sure it’s definitely correct.

Regarding servicing, call Driverline to get booked in. 0345 0348 647. They will tell you if your car actually needs a service, or if it’s just the service light that needs resetting instead. There was a software bug that led to cars saying they needed a service before it was actually due, and I know this was mostly Peugeot models at fault. They’ll let you know when you call! If it does need to go in, then they’ll ask you which local dealer you would like to use, and any dates or times that wouldn’t be suitable. They’ll book it and send you a confirmation.

If you need a courtesy car, let them know at the time of calling up to book it in. They’ll request this for you but it will mean you wait longer for the service. Note that you’ll likely be given an ICE Car, but you can claim back fuel expenses on a pro-rata basis in line with your daily subscription allowance. Driverline will also email you a copy of the insurance certificate. Make sure you bring this along to the dealer to avoid having to pay for additional insurance on their car.


First service is due at 8000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. Normally the service doesn’t take long, perhaps 90 minutes at most. See if your local dealership will do it while you wait. Less hassle for you, and cheaper for them if they don’t have to provide a courtesy vehicle.

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My e208 had its first service at 6,000 miles. This was in February. Last month the service light came on again at 12,000 miles…fair enough I thought. Do I booked it in at Bristol Street Motors via driverline. Took day off. The day before I got a call from the garage and was told it was not due fir a service for another 4,000 miles or 1 year. They suggested i brought it in anyway to see if they could reset the service warning light. When I posted this previously I think someone commented that it may be due to the car being set to kms rather than miles which sort of makes sense. The moral of the story is that from now on I will wait to be notified that a service is due rather than rely on the service light and notifications coming on everytime I got in the car. I did however call driverline to tell them this and they confirmed that a service was not yet due

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Just a quick one, has anybody else received an unexpected invoice today wrt exceeding the allocated milage? Definitely something I’m disputing as nothing in our driving patterns has changed, and we usually have quite a bit left before the contract renewal.

Just asking…

Is the app currently recording your correct mileage? How about your online account? Do you keep your own records using the odometer readings?