Milage accuracy?

Hi there,

How accurate is the milage process with Onto? Is there a way of auditing it?

I am a bit surprised I’m down to 134 miles, so wanting to see if I can double check where I’ve spent it!

Keep a note of the mileage on collection/drop off.
Every month on renewal snap a pic.

Onto make mistakes, they’ve tried to bill me for miles. If it wasn’t for my notes of mileage I’d have to pay.

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Damn, I didn’t accurately write it down (too excited). Thanks I’ll learn for next month.

@Pheo is this your first month? If so did you download the key to the app before your vehicle was delivered to you?


Yes it is - and no I didn’t I don’t think. Nothing activated on the app until it arrived with me, from what I remember.

Interestingly the journey trip in the car is showing 300 miles or so, which is <500 miles less than what onto are saying I’ve done in their app. But I’ve not really worked out how the trip milage works in the Zoe yet so not sure if that’s accurate.

I’m not overly worried apart from I wanted to store up some milage for a trip to the Lake District next month. The milage should cycle on the 24th so o get a reset, I just thought I’d be carrying several hundred miles over which doesn’t seem to be the case. I guess I might just have to top up.