MG5 2022 Model?

Just came across this on the youtubes, they’re really coming on aren’t they? New 2022 MG5 Electric Luxury (61.1 kWh) | Visual Review, Exterior, Interior, Boot & Infotainment - YouTube

I’d be more than happy with one of these I think.


For a brief moment I thought it was only ICE but there’s electric too. Just no date for UK yet. :frowning:

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Well I have to say that it looks like a stunning refresh both outside and in.

If you had a few reservations, you’d have to weigh that up against the incredible value.

I saw and sat in the 2022 ZS at FCL, and it was as nice - and spacious - as most everything 10k and 20k more expensive that’s available today or coming soon in its class.


Did you ask Rui if they’re getting any MGs in the future?


Damn - no I didn’t!

(I was a bit selective to see what answers I might get for the obvious ones I thought I might want to try - selfish me :flushed:)

I don’t think we got anything particularly positive in March, did we? But, of course, it seems very, very fluid including supply issues… cf VW!