MG 5 long range

I’m seeing a few of these around as taxis now. I’d probably try one out for at least a few months.

At least i could guarantee that the dog could fit in the boot! Plus the new ones have all the toys like adaptive cruise control. My e2008 doesn’t have that!

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I just wanted to add now that there is a long range version it would be great if Onto could get some and hopefully boost their lower cost options. A £1200 Audi is lovely and all that but it’s the same price as my mortgage!


I think an MG would be a good choice for OntO either the MG5 EV for those who don’t want an SUV and maybe the ZS as well.

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Just noticed that elmodrive are showing the MG ZS Exclusive as being available…

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another vote here for the MG5 at sub Zoe rental :slight_smile:

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The new 2022 MG looks very promising :ok_hand: