MFG Chargers?


The Local BP garage at my parents now has 8 150kwh charging stations but they are MFG Branded? Anyone seen these and know if the still use the BP Pulse card?

I don’t think MFG is included with any of Onto’s cards

Not tried with the card but doubt they work as MFG is the petrol station fuel supplier but they’re franchised out by shell, BP etc so don’t think either card will work with them. There is an app though and I’ve used the MFG 150kwh chargers and they’re pretty decent.

Although my local ones were not suited for the Peugeot charge port being on the left rear side of the car as the short cable didn’t reach it. Probably fine now with the ID.3

Old MFG Chargers are on the Geniepoint network. New MFG Chargers are on the Swarco E.Connect network. Neither can be used with either of the 3 Onto charging cards unfortunately.

Wonder why BP just didn’t use their own BP Pulse network then considering it’s a BP garage?

Because it’s not a BP Garage. It’s a MFG Garage. They have a franchise license to use brand names like BP, Shell or Jet. But they aren’t actually linked to those names and can operate however they want. If MFG can set up their own chargers and make more money in their own name than installing a BP charger then why wouldn’t they?

Also lets be honest, These chargers are FAR more reliable than anything with BP’s name on it. I’d rather pay my own money for a fast, easy and reliable charge than get a free charge from BP.


Fair point. I’m not ruling out using it as it’s the closest for miles round here, was just wondering.