MFG, BP and Geniepoint

This is very off topic and random. I’m at a Geniepoint charger in a BP petrol station with MFG branding…

Is MFG owned by BP? I assumed the charger would be BP Pulse. Split personality petrol station

No. MFG Own a lot of fuel franchises. BP Is one of the brands they have the rights to use.
Until a couple years ago, MFG Had a deal with Geniepoint for their EV Charging provider. They were the company they would use for all EV Charging at fuel stations - Even if it was a BP or a Shell station despite these brands owning their own charging networks.

MFG Now have a deal with Swarco E.Connect for their own brand MFG EV Power charging solution. All future installations will carry this brand instead.

Remember also that MFG (and other forecourt owners like MRH, EuroGarages, Penny Petroleum, Rontec etc.) do tend to move between different brands fairly regularly depending on what deals they negotiate best. So what is a BP Fuel station now might have been a Shell a few years ago, and could become an Esso in the coming months.


That’s never stopped us :man_shrugging: has it?

Professor @Koda ‘s history and technical lesson is obviously the answer.

But I think we can disregard the old fossilies - they don’t even have much to do with the units on their “own” sites at the best of times (e.g. Shell station appears to build Recharge units but they don’t get turned on for months because…… Waitrose :man_shrugging:)

The Old Fossilies are mostly history now, though - aren’t they! :thinking:

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I have a local MFG Esso stn with a Chargepoint Inc 22kW and previously used my Shell card with it👴

I just had this appear in my inbox :

As of this Wednesday, the 18th May 2022, your E.Connect RFID card and the E.Connect app will no longer work at MFG sites.

There will be no change in the availability of chargers at MFG sites and you will still be able to use a contactless bank card as your method of payment to start to a charge.

MFG will also be launching a new App which will allow you to start and stop sessions.

This probably doesn’t affect many here as neither brand is inclusive with an ONTO subscription and not many people will have a SWARCO card, but thought it worth mentioning. Yet another change in the complex web of public EV charging ownership and access.