Mercedes Benz EQA

Would be great to see this add to the fleet! Anyone agree?

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I have, the EQC and its amazing car but this, would no doubt be, at least be a 1200 pm vehicle

If they had stuck to their original EQA concept a little more then I would have been really excited for it, and definitely would have been one of the first to book it. But for some reason they decided that everyone wants a SUV and ruined it imo.

The Jag and Audi are 1299 and have higher price tags. The EQA Is cheaper to buy so should be a little lower. If they can get it within 1k they will probably have no problem getting them all booked out.


I wondered about this. Wouldn’t the subscription be based on TCO rather than the MRP which very few pay anyway, especially fleet buyers? :thinking:

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That’s a valid point. But I still feel like there would be a few eyebrows raised if they added the EQA to the fleet with the same £1299 Price tag. MSRP Shouldn’t be the deciding factor when it comes to Onto’s pricing, but it’s still a good guideline as to roughly what price point they should be sitting at (Even though I am fully aware that Mercedes often aren’t as generous as others when it comes to discounts on large fleet orders)

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I was thinking it’d slot in nicely between the Kona and the Tesla Model 3, witch a price point around £600 for the 250 amg line. However, MB current leasing option has the 250 amg line at £475. I can imagine there would be a lot of interest if the offered it at this price point. Just remember tends to undercut most leading options price point just for the lease.

Is that £475 with no upfront payment, 12k miles and 2 years (best comparison I suppose)?

Just had a quick look and the cheapest that I could find was £761 for 1 + 23 month lease with 12k miles. With the addition of insurance, maintenance and charging, I can’t see ONTO offering this EV for anything less than £899 a month.


That sounds about right, lining it up near the Q4 price.


That kind of money can be justify only for Premium or Premium + specifications. But there’s no point of holding our breath because for some reason ONTO doesn’t want to stock Mercedes :thinking: :confused:

Hi @Zak78 it’s not that we don’t want to - there are multiple factors at play when deciding what cars we get next.

It’s not as simple as picking what we like and buying thousands…

We’re always working hard behind the scenes to increase our offerings :wink:


Work harder and get the Ioniq Premium SE for me please :grinning: :grinning:

Only kidding Raheel ………. The only car which I would come back to Onto for :rofl:


So, what could these be?

Purchase price
Anticipated resale price
Build quality
Maintenance costs
Insurance costs
Dealership network
Quantity available
Raheel rating


Speaking of that … are we going to see the gap between £649 and £899 fill anytime soon :blush:


@Jimmi1 - some of this depends on what Hyundai have available - we would love to have you back as a customer & if it’s not an Iconic SE - we do keep refreshing our fleet

@Zak78 - we’re working hard behind the scenes. If the right EV comes along and fits in that price range for us, of course we would love to offer it.

Never say never :eyes:



I like the Raheel Rating :rofl:

Can we add manufacturer relationships to that list also - this plays a part when making such bulk orders.

It’s also crucial for planning ahead.