Megane - ALARM!


So… we got a new Megane from Onto on 22nd December.

I was super excited… and actually I really like the car.

However… I now have to leave the car UNLOCKED at all times.

Sure… yup - I know that this is a complete security risk and a big problem for insurance… however - the alarm goes off ALL the time.

I dont know what to do :frowning: - I contacted Onto but so far they have not been any help :frowning:

I have booked the car into my Renault dealership for next week - but then I stumbled upon this Community forum today and I note that alarm issues have been an Onto issue in the past.

PHEW… so taking a deep breath…

What can I do and how can I resolve this? Its not intermitent… it is a new permanent feature of my car so I need to get it fixed pretty urgently. I am now reasonably certain that my dealership wont be able to help if this is an Onto embedded issue.



This was a big problem in my neighbours Renault Kadjar Ice car. It seems a common problem with Renault which seems to happen as inside sensors set to sensitive. Renault dealers reset them free of charge

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Tricky to know with an Onto car. When this happened with the launch of the ID3 on Onto, it was Onto’s hardware causing the alarm to go off. Doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the same for the Megane.

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Could be Onto’s software but looking like a common Renault problem across all models on Google
Also found this


I’ve heard this is a widespread Renault problem causing a complete Migraine headache.

But this is the first Onto car I’ve learned about …… only a gut feeling, but I would expect it to be a Renault Migraine issue, rather than the Onto kit in this case…. Or at least I might start by assuming that until otherwise proven….

Good Luck - I hope it’s fixed soon.

BTW - you say you “contacted Onto” - I expect you contacted Driverline, i.e. the Onto sub-Contractor for maintenance etc. I would ensure you do something like go on online chat with Onto….just to make sure they know it’s happening.

In fact I’ll just tag @Adam_at_Onto to perhaps point the issue into the right direction internally - I expect somewhere this sort of stuff is being monitored…… :+1:t2:

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Thanks for tagging me @K12Beano. We aren’t getting wide reports of alarm issues with the Megane’s so it looks to be a car related issue. Sorry @TonyYule that you are having issues with the car. Let us know if the issue isn’t resolved after the Renault dealership visit. The issues raised in the forum previously have mainly been with VW/Audi but those have been resolved.