Marks on wheel trims


I tried to use the app to report but it never allows me to submit.

I have handover this week from a Zoe (long term rental) to E-208 (hopefully long term rental).

I’ve been looking through threads and costing seems to be different for each thread I read. As I can’t upload can anyone from let me know what could be possibly charged?

Obviously will take photos and videos on collection of the Zoe and delivery of the E-208 but any advice appreciate.

Rims do need to be cleaned as the car so won’t look as dirty but wanted to be honest.

Is anyone else having issues with uploading photos?

Looks like very minor marks/damage so should be low cost.
Onto only pass on what the chargers are for fixing, hence why there are different costs on other threads.

Odd you can’t upload damage pics.
Have you got the latest version of the Onto app? iOS or Android?
If not update it and try again.

Will also flag @Ayman_at_Onto in case it’s a wider issue.

Thank you for the response,

Dec 2022 was the last update on playstore and I cannot see any further update.

Appreciate relieving a bit of stress as I have had for over a year.

Thanks !

You’ve done well to have limited any damage to that in over a year. Alloys are my nemesis. I’ve got this thing about parking as close to the kerb as possible to reduce the risk of passing cars clipping me. That strategy increases the risk of kerbing though!


Hard to know but that damage doesn’t look too bad so may fall under fair wear and tear. No way to know until ONTO inspect it though


@E7EV I get told off for leaving too much of a gap from the curb when driving or parking.

Sadly few days ago was a big downpour and route I was on must have water planed or misjudged curb or pot hole. Never noticed anything when driving but someone else pointed out to me and was a little gutted.



I don’t really know much about wheel trims but hopefully the handover goes well and then wait for their report to come back to me.

Was worried about the E 208 rims now and wasn’t sure if allowed to put rim protectors on or not. Will give them a call tomorrow and see what they say. Simple rubber that goes around the rim which I thought was a smart idea.

I’d like to think ONTO take into account how long you’ve had the car. I mean surely if you’ve had a car for a year plus, you’re gonna have more dints and scratches than someone who had a car for a month.

But I only say that in the hope that’s how it works as I have had my car for 14 months since new and my rims have a number of scrapes and I have a few scratches on the car, though all are quite small

:rofl: I did dream I had their Fisker which I was allowed to film the UK countryside’s in 8K…then I woke up.

I think from speaking they try their best for the longer term clients but then again in this economy they can only do so much.

Shame they cant wrap their cars with logo for extra protection but no idea on the cost of doing that.

All the people I have spoken to from have never been rude and always tried to help. Fingers crossed for the both of us all goes well when it’s time to hand back their cars.

2023 it would be nice to see more manufacturers releasing cars under 20k, I always loved the Ionic 5 but out of my reach.

I’ve been toying with other options since the first price hike. Pricing up returning to an ICE and if to go nearly new or just get a £4k used car to run into the ground.

Its so hard to know what’s best. Save money but then have potential reliability issues (which I don’t want as I drive across the country each month), or be down £600 a month for the inconvenience of not being able to charge at home unless I want to pay twice and soon limited by charging options.

If there was a good EV for around 20K, I’d be happy. I did look into getting a used Zoe or Leaf but that’s an entire other minefield. The latter not being great to do a 450 mile round trip.

Right now I’m thinking of going back to a full Hybrid like my old Ioniq. Cheap to run and reliable

It’s a tough one for many people.

I ended up quitting smoking so that makes the recent increase manageable with change left over.

I did purchase a 2nd/3rd hand car before and for a short while all was ok. Then the clutch went and eventually the engine. That was tough pill to take as I thought the same would last a few years. Sometimes people get lucky but I never fall into that category.

I’ve always stuck with Instavolt as other cards would never work but this time around will go out of my comfort zone and try others that are available.

Makes me wonder what happens to the cars returned back to…? Do they go back to suppliers or sold on secondary market?

Sure happens every 10 years or so but right now it’s hard for most people and hope cycle soon is over and back to a growing economy, cheaper electric and then fingers crossed the costs go back down to hire EVs.

ONTO sell them at auction via a 3rd party. They can give you the details or at least they have done for people in the past.

I did think about keeping my Ioniq until ONTO want it back and seeing if I can get it at a fair price to buy it back.

But, it’s a risk as may not get it at a good price and will be without a car or paying the newer rate so… Not sure.

This is where the eC4 has been great with the top down reverse camera :ok_hand:t2:

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You’re dreaming again :wink:


Providing Onto can keep them below £20k / month …. :man_shrugging::joy: