Manual "pay now" button

I have a card (Zilch) which I use to pay for my Onto subscription as I get 2% back on the subscription cost. But in order for the card to be charged I have to activate it otherwise if you try and charge it, it fails which is what happens with onto.

Every month I end up having to phone the complaints team as it appears they are the only ones able to process a payment over the phone and I have to re add my card online.

Please could a consideration be made to add a “pay now” button on the website with a reminder email sent out each month as an option?

For those interested in using zilch Referral code: Zilch Customer Portal

You get £10 and I get £10 for using it

I have mine hooked up to curve so that I can use zilch on other purchases too but can choose which card I want zilch to charge from

£5 referral for curve too if you want to use that as well :sweat_smile:


This was discussed in depth a few months back, and as per the t&c’s onto take a pre-auth 7days prior…

To those looking at Zilch it’s a Buy Now Pay Later product, so be careful, as it may impact your credit file…

There is a buy now pay later function, but I’ve never used it, only ever used it for the 2%, but well pointed out