Making the Right Choice! Ioniq

You know when you know!

Not at all surprised after five weeks of living with this little gem.

There’s a few ‘micro-niggles’ that I can just live with….”well, nobody’s perfect” … an annoying thing on the display I still don’t understand… it stubbornly won’t charge particularly fast on DC, but presumed that we’re in winter months so will hope to see faster from the spring… I might like it even more with a tad more range… or perhaps a small dollop more… but generally does everything surprisingly well for a first EV experience!


The newest Ioniq has a particularly low voltage battery pack. So when you rapid charge you won’t get impressive speeds like you may see with other cars. That’s just how the car is made. You’ll be able to rapid charge at the fastest possible speeds with a warm battery and low level of charge remaining. So plugging in after a long motorway run for example. Unplug by 70% as things will really slow down after that.

What’s the annoying thing that you’re struggling to understand on the display?

You will see more range as things start to warm up as we approach summer next year. Paired with a little bit of extra practice to make your driving even more efficient.

Going back to charging speeds for a minute here. This is what you can get under the very best circumstances. This is when all conditions are ideal, and you’re plugged in to a HPC to get a slightly higher current flow into the battery too. You’re looking at the yellow line for your specific model:


Hey - thanks for prompt reply… yes, I did/do know about typical charging curve……

What’s the upper right scale? Can’t find it when I did actual RTFM!!


The fuel gauge is interesting its usually a 0 to 1 scale and that says 0 to 0.5 ???
But I see it says + plus so it must be regen and…

it seems it is …


Oh wow!

Thanks for finding that link.

Yes it seems “Mostly Harmless” then… but I hadn’t really paid too much attention to it…. and it seems like it is pointless.

I think I’ve generally become an “EV ECO mode denier” because I’m not sure I actually see much point in that either…. :man_shrugging:t2:


As @burnt_crisps2 has worked out, it’s a regen meter. It fills up as you put energy back into the battery. If you go down a steep hill and turn the regen up to a higher level you’ll see it filling up. It basically estimates how much range you are recovering each time you brake.

It did confuse me a bit at first too. It wasn’t in the original Ioniq and as you say, I don’t recall it being mentioned in the user manual for the 2nd gen. model either.


Think ‘ECO mode’ needs to be renamed eREX (emergency Range EXtender)
Because that’s it’s best function in life.

Drive everywhere in Normal/Standard drive mode with climate control set to 21 -22degC, headlights always on dipped beam (as DRL is useless) and enjoy. :blush:


So good to see the Ioniq get so highly rated.

It is true about the low charging speed. Fastest I’ve seen is 44kW but on average including as I type this out as I’m charging now:

I get 32-36kW most of the time between 20-80%

I love the Ioniq though. I’m still getting good range (160 miles plus if charged to 100%, not that I ever do but generally have about 80 miles of range at 50%).

It’s a well kitted out car, nice to drive, spacious with a decent sized boot


The car with the lanes is the lane assist its on when you get in the car but there is a push button switch lower right hand side near your leg which turns it off without having to find it in the menu. Handy just to push and turn it off when you start.

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Yes - I know; thanks for responding, though. My comment was only that it defaults to on every time and in a perfect world might be different.

I did find this on day one of custodianship, noting other people’s frustration on this point, but it’s now quite second nature to switch it off and then back on if wanted. Overall that’s no “biggie” but I know YMMV!!

So I watched that scale today. I still think it’s pointless, but I spent a few regen moments annoying cars behind me while I tried to see how far I could get it up the scale… :face_with_raised_eyebrow::rofl::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::crazy_face:

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Oh it is. It’s totally a gimmick and unless you want to brag to other Ioniq drivers and see who can regen the most then it really isn’t of much use.

It’s literally just the Ioniq that has it too. The other Hyundai EVs (Ioniq 5 and Kona) don’t even have this little meter at all


Ah sorry yeh annoys me too took me about 2 week to find the magic button so hopefully might help others.

Anyone else find they have to let the regen get to the top before accelerating again…I must annoy other drivers

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As an aside, I quite like vehicles with …“quirks”… hey I’ve actually owned twoTVRs in the past, and one was my only vehicle at the time… and some motorbikes with minds of their own… so I’m quite liking the few oddities.

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It’s a shame as the LKA in my Ioniq Premium Hybrid actually kept the car centered in lane. But according to someone on here, may have even been you? It became available only on the Premium SE after a certain date. So now we are stuck with Lane Pinball mode which is pretty useless.

Also, which meter is the regen meter and what does it mean? Is it the one in the upper left or upper right or the meter that slowly fills up around the display below power? Because I’ve no idea what any of those 3 do and should probably RTFM

LKA (Lane Keep Assist) Stops you from crossing the white line into another lane. It’s a safety feature.
LFA (Lane Follow Assist) Holds you in the center of your lane. It’s a convenience feature.

They’re actually two different systems with different names to make it easier to tell them apart. Your Ioniq hybrid likely had both together and could be toggled independently. That was definitely the case in my Kona. I don’t recall with the Ioniq as it’s been a little while since I was last behind the wheel of one.

It had options for:

LKA Active

You could only select one of the options. The second would behave how this 2021 Ioniq EV does. The LKA Active would actively steer the car round curves* in the road keeping it in lane

*not tight bends, just gentle to moderate curves such as is typical on a motorway.

I assume from what you’re saying, LKA Active was actually LFA

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Correct. Just checked the Hyundai website for the Ioniq and it markets them under the names LKA and LFA. So I assume that they used to just call it active LKA and later re-named it to make things easier.

What you are describing sounds exactly like LFA To me, just with a different name.

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Yeah there is reference to the setting here:

And a reply here mentions it:

Makes sense to rename them LKA and LFA. I don’t mind not having it as I enjoy actively driving, it’s only on long motorway stretches does it help as I barely have to move my hands

I’d imagine if I wanted a car with ONTO with it, I’d have to get the Kona as it’s offered as the Premium SE and Ultimate (assuming the premium se has it like the premium se 2021 Ioniq).

It’s a shame ONTO don’t offer the Premium SE Ioniq for an extra £20 odd a month

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Yes. Both Konas have this. Although good luck getting a Premium SE. I haven’t seen stock showing for close to a year now. I have a feeling they’re quietly pulling these from the fleet as they’re being returned.

The Premium SE is the top spec of the original Kona. The Ultimate is the top spec of the new facelift model. The only major difference between them is that the newer one has a sunroof.

It’s a fair bit extra a month, but if it’s affordable it’s well worth the upgrade. The Ioniq is a nice car but the Kona just improves on basically everything. More range, faster charging, full Highway Drive Assist, more toys like the leather seats which are both heated and cooled, head-up display etc.