Making a difference on World Environment Day!

This Sunday is World Environment Day, and this year’s campaign, #OnlyOneEarth, calls for collective, transformative action, and to celebrate, protect and restore our planet.

As a business, sustainability is at our heart so we’ve recently taken the step to ensure that all our digital testing infrastructure turns itself off during evenings and weekends to save energy. This is only the beginning for us, we’re always looking for new ways to move to more sustainable practices.

We also asked the Onto team what they’re doing to lead a greener life…

Among our team, we’ve seen a lot of budding gardeners as you can see above!

  • @Carol_at_Onto (left) has made her own bee garden
  • Jat (middle) is also keeping the bees happy
  • @Conor_at_Onto (right) is being self-sufficient by growing his own potatoes

By driving an electric car, you’ve already gone a long way to living a more sustainable life. So far this year, Onto subscribers have collectively driven over 15 million pure electric miles and saved over 3,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere.

We’d love you to share what else you’re doing to have a positive impact on the planet. It could be as simple as building or planting something in your garden, or doing a litter-pick in your local area. If you’re choosing to make a difference, we’d love to see!

Want to get involved? Check out what’s going on around you or get some inspiration here!


I was inspired to go and litter pick in my local area today. Should have taken a before pic but quite proud of how it looks now.