Sorry don’t want to sound thick lol but I have the car booked in for service on 22nd March but on car dash the orange spanner is now showing Nd staying and it says service is overdue by 50 miles … I know I been told it’s shud be fine as it’s booked in but the orange light wasn’t showing then neither was over due service but now is… just double checking that it doesn’t need to go in any earlier as I don’t want to cause any engine damage if that is the case especially when I have my kids in the car. Can you please advise I have attached pictures.

I Don’t think that’s going to be an issue for a car that has no engine :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, it’s fine. It’s just a countdown timer that needs resetting following the service. It’s perfectly safe, just preferable to get the work done on time in future. Only time you need to really worry is with warning lights that are red. If you get one of those it needs immediate attention and you probably shouldn’t continue driving. Anything like this and it’s fine.

EV Servicing is little more than a filter replacement and screenwash top up in most cases. The car really isn’t missing out on much!


Lool :joy: well I knew what I meant haa…

How long does a EV typically take on a service? As it a drop off early and pick end of day if done they are giving me a courtesy thou

You can generally get booked in for an appointment while you wait and be in and out within about a hour. This is popular with ONTO Subscribers since most users here don’t have the physical key so need to stick around to unlock the car with their phone for the mechanic. It saves the hassle of calling ONTO and getting the key sent out to the delaership in advance.

If you’re getting a courtesy car then your car won’t be a priority. Even if the work itself can be done in maybe 30 minutes, it will sit around for a long time so you’ll probably be waiting a good few hours before you get the call to say it’s ready to collect.

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