Macmaster takes his Taycan to Scotland

Well, this is good and bad……

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Well, if he’s going to start a charge at 89% and try to charge to 100%,its definitely going to be a waste of time!

This sort of video is just spreading inaccurate information about EVs to those not in the know. I noticed there were plenty of comments moaning about EVs, telling him to get rid of it, that his video has put them off buying one etc. I really wish people would understand what they’re doing before making supposedly informative videos about the subject.

Thanks for posting though, it gave me a laugh. Haha


Is this numpty for real…

Why didn’t he ring Instavolt at 4minutes to report the emergency stop button had been pressed…

It gave me a good laugh as well…


It’s really a shame he didn’t take 5 minutes to look how basic concepts of EVs work like charging speed and charging to only 80% on quick chargers.

If somebody is going to do a review you would expect them to at least know the very basics and not spread misinformation :frowning:


Yeah, typical influencer nonsense - you can tell by the clickbaity thumbnail and controversial title. Don’t let research, knowledge or accurate reporting get in the way of views :slight_smile:

I especially liked how he admits he shouldn’t really charge to 100%, then plugged in at Starbucks stone cold at 83% and charged to 100%, moaning that he really wanted to be on the road rather than charging. And then he waxed lyrical about how courteous he was to a waiting EV user by moving his car as soon as it got to 100% :smiley:


Haven’t watched the video but how long did his journey take? I did a trip to Glasgow during Christmas time from South London.

A quick Google showed it will take 7 and a half hours to drive non stop. Not sure who would do that. I’d imagine even if you are in an ICE car you would want to stop atleast 1 hour or 1 and a half hour to rest, have food and all.

Guess what I did that as well and while I rested or had food our kona charged and was more than enough to get to the next charger. Literally lost 0 time. Only planning I did was two mins a few days before on ABRP to type in my home location till my destination and the other thing I did was the night before went to my local grocery store to purchase some snacks and while shopping plugged in the car to try get it to as close as possible to 100% for an early morning start.

Really not difficult to plan a journey with EVs. People complain alot because they are lazy!

I can understand if you have an EV which will do only 100 miles on motorway. Those EVs can be frustrating but most EVs should be able to do 175 to 200 miles on motorway in most conditions(excluding extreme conditions).

Rant over😅


haha. So courteous, leaving his car trickling at barely more than a level 2 charger would deliver for over an hour.


I’ve got a B-i-L like this… if you can find something to moan about, you should moan about it…

Don’t think I can bovvvvvered…

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I watched the second one (or skimmed it) aside from at the beginning when he plugged in at 89% with a snowy/cold car when it sounded like he needed approx 40% for the one way trip, the moment when it lost all credibility for me was that he stopped at a motorway services for a bio break and passed a vacant gridserve unit.

Despite them being 30% cheaper than Instavolt, instead of plugging in and using the downtime to get a quick charge, parked up and then complained that he was going to have to find a charger later on because he couldn’t plug in while he did some work due to timings.



I skimmed the first vid and immediately thought… what a plonker. Enough said.


You know that joke that ends up:

“Customer Service: ‘please sir, put the computer back in the box, seal it back up and get a courier to bring it back to us’

“Customer: ‘so there IS something wrong with it then; what is it?’

“Customer Service: ‘no sir, there’s nothing wrong with it…but I HAVE deduced…. you’re too thick to own a computer’”



I will use the following 2 acronyms

PEBKAC or in this case PEBSWAC and ID10T error for this idiot


Er?..:thinking:…where’s the “good”?


He’s got a Taycan and it looks cool?

Exactamondo 🔥🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌


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