M3SR+ Brake Fluid issue


Hate to use this medium to ‘moan’. However, when my SR+ was delivered, it immediately came up with the low brake fluid error. Evezy sent someone over the next day who helpfully topped it up.

The error has returned since last week and despite lots of calls and emails to you guys practically on a daily basis, I’ve still not heard anything from Tesla about resolving the issue. I’ve asked for a replacement Tesla till this is resolved, but this went unanswered.

I was told yesterday by yourselves Tesla would contact me by the end of the day yesterday - again this did not occur and nothing today.



Seen a number of posts on FB and speakev with the same issue. Seems to be a QA issue. Try contacting Tesla direct and hopefully a SC near you to resolve. Please update post with what evezy Tesla do to resolve

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I dealt direct with Tesla when the MP3 I had went in for a new front wiring loom. They had it almost three weeks in the end.

Conor at evezy was great and chased Tesla up and kept me up to date, but in most cases, I knew more than him. It seems his official route was slower than me contacting Tesla Customer Services. They didn’t seem to worry whose car it was. As long as you’ve got the VIN (they use this to identify vehicles rather than registration number) they’ll deal with you.

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Hi @evfan, we’re sorry about the issues you have experienced with your SR+. I just checked with the team and I believe they have already been in touch with you, but let me know if there is anything else I can do to help!

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Thanks @burnt_crisps2 @E7EV - used your advice and contacted Tesla direct.

Thanks @Lily_at_Evezy - can’t recall who I spoke to today at Evezy - pass on my thanks for sorting out the replacement vehicle (and my apologies for losing my cool ever so slightly).

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Glad to hear it was sorted out :smiley: I will let them know!