Loving my Tesla

I’m loving my newly delivered 19-plate Model 3! However, before I become too used to it I was wondering if anyone knew whether Onto are planning on getting more Teslas? Or is it a case of enjoy it while it lasts?


There’s no official announcement that I know of, but ONTO haven’t had any more delivered in a long time despite high demand. At this point I wouldn’t count on it, and think when you hit the age or mileage limit you may have to swap to a different vehicle depending on what’s on offer at the time.

That’s what I’m expecting too…
Unless Tesla change their business model and offer multi/fleet purchases some congruous discount. It sounds far fetched at the moment, but competition is mounting and, lovely as they are, Model 3s aren’t the best out there… I only got mine because it was offered to me on the old price, otherwise I would have taken a DS3 ultra.

How long did you end up waiting for the Model 3?

Quite a while - about 9 months


I have 4 years to go until I’m 30, I’ll better put my name in the waiting list now.


I hope they get the x or y model in.
We have the model 3 too and absolutely love it.
Had to use a diesel car for a few days and really did not enjoy it. Now back in a Tesla but it’s an S model on loan from Tesla whilst mine is been serviced. WOW it’s fast!!

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I’m so wanting a, tesla or an i3 so painful waiting