Love my new Zoe!

I just exchanged my old Renault Zoe with a new one, the GT Line. And usually I wouldn’t participate in forums like this but I am so impressed that I just had to write something. I am a person that doesn’t put too much on the car, as long as it works and it can bring me from A to B. But the difference between old and new Zoe is just amazing. Inside with new features like new improved dashboard and new much bigger and nicer monitor, wireless phone charger, … The inside trim is so much nicer. You even have reversing camera, I mean there are so many things. I am not a car expert but even I noticed the improvement in driving and power. But the most important one, the range. Before 100% battery gave me maximum of 160 miles, this one has 220 miles. That is just a huge difference, especially for somebody who is doing at least 50 miles a day. And with that, the charging is so much faster. I really can’t believe how much more I got for just £80 more per month. I decided to change it mostly because of the range and even though I was told and I read about the difference between the old and new version I really didn’t expect such a big improvement. In my opinion, it’s such a great value for money. Oh, I choose red colour, and everyone in my family was sceptical, but it looks really good and everyone loves it.



Glad you’re pleased with the new car. I got the same spec and colour. My first EV and very pleased so far. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think I have been more fortunate than others on this forum and have hardly had any issues, loving the car!

That’s not very reassuring!

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