Lost Key Insurance

Hi Onto,

I have an issue at hand that needs to be solved please. I have had an issue with my key getting lost which you are informed about. For this, I had taken out cover in the unfortunate circumstance that this may happen.

However, the insurance company are claiming that the vehicle is not insured in my name and address as can be seen from the correspondence mentioned below. Is there any official statement that you can provide for the company to be able to redact their statement and claim?

If you need any further information please let me know.

"I refer to your complaint and I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your claims experience.

You reported the loss of two-vehicle keys and at the time of reporting the incident, you confirmed that both vehicles were insured by you and one was registered in your name and the other to a lease company.

However, the leased vehicle is not insured by you and the lease agreement is not in your name either, therefore, you cannot evidence your personal insurable interest in the car for which you are claiming the cost of a replacement key.

I note also that my colleague did confirm to you that the policy covers your keys only and the cars must be registered or insured in your name at the time of the loss.

*In the circumstances, we cannot cover this element of your claim.

*I hope I have alleviated your concerns about what why the claim has been declined, however, if you remain dissatisfied, you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service free of charge


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Based on that statement I cannot see how you will be able to claim on this insurance policy as it doesn’t cover the Onto subscription service.


The problem is the car isnt insured in your name, as its a fleet insurance policy… so you will never be a named driver on the documentation.

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Hi @PapaZubz

I hope you’re well.

Unfortunately the only thing we’re able to provide to link you to the vehicle would be your user HIre agreement which states you’re insured through us for the vehicle. We can also potentially send a letter/email confirming you’re insured and authorised to drive it,

If they’re unable to accept this, we wouldn’t be able to provide a document evidencing an insurance policy in your name as unfortunately this doesn’t exist.

Due to the vehicle remaining the sole property of Onto, the V5C must remain in our name as the registered keeper and the vehicles is insured via our fleet policy with Zurich which covers onto members as a whole and not on an individual basis.

I’m sorry for the issues you’re facing but should you require the letter or a copy of your agreement as evidence I’m more than happy to try and do all I can to help if you can find a way round it.

Kind regards


Thanks so much for giving a detailed response. Can you please send me the letter to see if they will accept it. If not then that’s fine.

I appreciate your efforts.

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You have us on tender hooks.
So did this progress and they covered the cost?

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How can you lose two keys when only given one.

Sadly, not yet. But we may still be able to salvage this if they accept the letter that is yet to arrive

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@Dan_at_Onto can you send me the letter as soon as possible please. Thanks

I had 2 car keys hooked to a key chain, which got lost

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