Lost car key


I have lost my car key. But when I put my iPhone into airplane mode and get into the car and drive off, the vehicle still is detecting a key. This must mean therefore that the physical key is in the car? Would that be correct.

If you open the car with the Onto app, you don’t need the physical key to drive off.

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Most Onto cars have part of the spare key embedded somewhere behind the dashboard to work with the equipment that Onto install. You unlock with the Onto app and that then simulates the presence of a key for 30-60 seconds allowing you to start and drive the car using only the app.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that your key is inside the car still. In fact if it was inside the car it’s unlikely you’d have been able to lock the doors.


From my experience, the cars will “start” happily if you unlock with Onto app. Then you may need to lock and unlock the car with the app sometime shortly later.

For example, just went and washed Mambo - I used app, pulled forward out of tight parking spot, then 15 minutes later jumped into move it back: unresponsive. Sat in car locking it and unlocking it with that “will-it-lock-me-inside-and-will-I-fry-to-death-momentary-feeling” … but, today I lived. :snake:

Had that when nipping off down the road to charge, too.

Previously, if the app/system seems to be having a bad day, the app can sometimes fail until logged out and logged back in again. Frustrating, but not life threatening. So apart from washing it in the car park or driving it less than 1km I would always recommend having the key with you.

Mine’s on a ring with an Apple Tag. It’s like an umbrella, should never need it, but :man_shrugging:“Peace-of-mind”

(And you have to think of these things when you get to my age… :joy:)

PS - not trying to be smart @Bury232 - just some observations