Looking out for damage

Hi folks. Had my Zoe now for 4 days and it’s wonderful. Onto app still not syncing but I’m using the Renault app and keeping a manual record of my mileage.

What I really wanted to ask all you lovely people is your opinion on keeping an eye out for damage and I have several questions:

Does Onto sort of follow the BVLA guide lines to general wear and tear damage?

What do you have to report to Onto? As I assume that very minor scuffs or scratches caused by road use i.e a stone chip or perhaps a stone flying up and marking the body work with a glancing blow doesn’t warrant reporting.

I ask these questions as I don’t want to be worrying everyday about ‘wear and tear’ body work damage, hence leasing a vehicle for compete peace of mind etc.

Your opinions and input is valued as always.

Yes, they follow the BVRLA guidelines

Like any hire car, you report anything you deem to be serious enough to be reported to them report it, normal

Make sure if you are worried all the excess reduction cover (should have been taken before delivery). and your I4CH…

Here’s another opportunity to use the ONTO App!

Menu>Driver Handbook>Onto Fair Wear & Tear Guide

I would say to report any damage that falls outside of the Fair Wear & Tear guidance.


I’m case helpful, I’ve just made the mistake of reporting damage that I probably shouldn’t have…

Stuck in damage process that doesn’t make sense :man_facepalming:

In future, I wouldn’t…

How did you report it? The App or phone call?

Reported by app.

Email from damage team told me to report to insurer via driver line.

I tried to push back, said I had no third party details and very minor cosmetic damage.

Was told I had to report to insurer.

I tried to push back, said I had no third party details and very minor cosmetic damage.

Was told I had to report to insurer.

Called insurer.

Insurer ran through process.

FMG called.

Email arrived asking for excess payment.

Posted on the forum. Adam is looking into it.

Fingers crossed!


Best to use app to report damage. Onto should only require insurance payment if the damage is deemed to be making the car unroadworthy or if a scratch could cause further corrosion. Otherwise you will receive a bill at the end of your subscription when they use the fleet management company to repair the car at cost price and the bill is usually sent within two weeks of return/swap.

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I agree. They should.

Common Sense should prevail…

I wonder if they think its a hole and not a scratch…