Looking for opinions

So I hit 25 tomorrow, fully ready for the bad back to kick in at midnight!

I’ll be ordering a few days after and just wanted your guys opinions as im stuck between the following cars:

Corsa E

What would you people go for and why? Keep going around in circles so thought I’d just ask! :roll_eyes: :oncoming_automobile::battery:

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Out of the 3 I would choose the Ioniq as I have driven it, can’t speak about the other 2 but the Corsa would be 3rd on the list


Ioniq, Zoe, Corsa in that order.

Ioniq has unbeatable efficiency and loads of extra toys and features. I find it comfortable and pleasant to drive. The Hyundai BlueLink app is one of the best there is too.

Zoe is again nice and efficient, fairly nice to drive, and benefits from 22kW AC charging as a bonus. It’s fantastic value for money especially considering the range from a charge.

Corsa is quite expensive for what it is. It’s rather dull to drive with very little fun. Just lacks any kind of engaging feel. Efficiency is very poor but thankfully it’s starting to warm up now so shouldn’t be terrible over the summer months coming up. The one good thing is that you get faster rapid charging.

PS Happy birthday for tomorrow!


@James9811 I agree with the guys above , the IONIQ might not look in your face but it packs a lot of features and feels premium on the inside

The Zoe gets a decent amount of range off a charge & the corsa although a great little car, hasn’t got the best range

Ultimately they’re all great little cars, that’s why we bought them but you should go for what works for you by look and by reading the specs

Now imagine if there was a service where if you’re unsure you could just swap as and when you wanted… oh wait :wink:

great to have you on board!


@Dan_at_Onto oh hey Dan! I forgot to say, customer service got back to me saying it is indeed a 2020 model and they have two in black near me, one with 10k miles and one with 15k miles! Ideal :blush:


Same Ioniq > Zoe > Corsa E.

I had the ioniq and it was really good especially now that we are reaching summer. It will perform really well. Maybe during winter you could switch to the Zoe.

I had mine during summer and it was really efficient.


The Zoe is absolutely fantastic on a smooth road. Show it some bumps and its a harsh ride. However, the range of little Zoe is mind blowing. Absolutely superb for a small car.

Never driven an Ioniq but the Kona is awesome and Hyundai are amazing so I expect it’s brilliant.

Personally, I wouldn’t even put the Corsa on the list. It’s mega overpriced IMO (even after the reduction) and has next to no tech to justify that price.


There is quite a difference in space and size between the Ioniq and the Zoe.
Ioniq is more of a family car, but the rear view is marred a bit by the wing across the rear screen, whereas the Zoe has a better rear view. Ioniq is spacious and it is quite comfortable for many although I never really found a good driving position, with plenty of tech which the Koreans excel at. The rear wing spoils the car for me. Not that enamoured with the looks of the Zoe either, but it’s way better than a Leaf, BMW i3 and some other early EV’s that look just odd. Zoe does have some reasonable tech and as others have said does charge at 22kW AC which can be a real benefit if rapids are unavailable. Best looking small car is the Pug 208 for sure, but the compromise is small steering wheel that gets in the way of the dash instruments.

Nearly all EV’s are not a ground up design using a battery skateboard design. Most are compromised as they have ICE powertrain variants.

So you are probably guessing all these cars have compromises and the best thing I and others can tell you is to write a list (or excel spreadsheet) and itemise the things that are important to your needs. Score each of the at least 5 items out of 10 points for each car and add them up. The car with the most points should be the one you should get.

I guarantee that your heart will overrule the ‘scientific’ result achieved above and you’ll go with the one that you ‘really’ want and that might just be down to looks or practicality.

And as others have commented it’s a 2 horse race :wink:


Out of those 3

The Ioniq, it was my first EV so have a soft spot for, and its an awesome car for the money, the only downside is the charging speeds, which are slow… but its and efficiency beast.

The Corsa suffers from the Stellantis Rash, aka the GOM, and low range…

Cant comment on the Zoe, but people who have or had them seem to love them…

Just be aware OntO is a gateway drug to EV’s :slight_smile:


The Zoe is a brilliant little car, but what lets it down enormously is the slow charging speed. If you’re going to be making (almost) exclusively local journeys, it’s absolutely brilliant. But, long journeys (anything over 150 miles or so) are painful because of the time you spend stopped to charge.

The Corsa is tempting me, as perhaps my next car, just for the faster charging speed.

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I like the look of the Corsa but as far as I can tell, it doesn’t even have basic cruise control.

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Thanks for your input! It’s all really valuable to me! When you say slow charging speed, is that just standard charging? I read rapid is like 30-40 mins 20-80%. Sorry if that’s a stupid question, still wrapping my head around charger types and speeds etc!

The Ioniq will only charge at Maximum of 50kW and only upto 50% charge and then it drops all the way to 14kW

This is the charging curve: It’s the Yellow Line and from experience it was an hour or so, as no matter what speed charger you are on, you won’t get over 49kW…

To get to 80% in 30-40 minutes you are looking at about 1hour or so…

To get to 30-40 minutes you need a faster charger coupled with a car that can charge faster. for example my Polestar 2 will charge 20-80% in about 25-30 minutes… on a 100kW+ Charger…

Best thing to do is look here, and check the Charging Curve, https://support.fastned.nl/hc/en-gb/sections/4428932764573-Vehicles?page=1#articles

The Corsa will charge the fastest…


The Ioniq and Zoe will both charge at just under 50kW Max at a rapid charger. The Ioniq will charge is slightly less time than the Zoe since it has a smaller battery, but still manages to be competitive in terms of range per charge thanks to the efficiency.

The Corsa will charge at just under 100kW Max at a compatible rapid charger (Many rapid chargers don’t actually deliver more than 50kW anyways though) so it will charge in less time. But you’ll also charge it more often since it’s overall range is worse than both the Ioniq and Zoe due to the worse efficiency.




Just remember that as well as considering the charge curves, you also have to take into account the battery sizes, as well as how they perform under specific conditions (For example the Zoe is especially picky with battery temperature for the best charging speeds) if you are trying to work out what it means in terms of real world charging times.

Ultimately though. 35-40 Minutes of DC Rapid charging on any of the 3 cars will give a substantial boost to the charge level.


Would it be frowned upon to use a rapid charger beyond the 50% mark then if I’m only taking in 14kw? Still tryna master the etiquette :joy: im using fastened that’s all and they only have rapid

You don’t suddenly jump to 14kW after 50%.

Generally most people consider 80% to be the best place to end a rapid charge session. Maybe 90 if the car will keep charging at a decent speed.

If you need the extra range most people would understand going further if necessary. The only BIG rule is not to leave your car sitting there after charging has ended. Stay with or close to your car. Be ready to move on as soon as you’re done.

Overstaying will often get you a fine so that’s the important one to avoid.


Ahh okay cool! I don’t wanna upset any Tesla driving mackem maniacs at fastened :joy: so I’ll be cool up to 80-90% with a rapid without upsetting anyone or getting fines then :joy:

Also, sorry if my stupid questions seem one after the other, it’s a wholeeeee new world to me and even the common and basic things are a learning curve.

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No question is stupid when you are starting out on the EV journey.
We all went through the same in our EV newbie stages.
There’s a lot to get to grips with. :wink:


You’ll probably do that anyways. I’ve had someone threaten to call the police because I was using ‘her’ charger and wouldn’t unplug for her.

The idiots that used to drive ICE vehicles are gradually moving to EV too. And for some reason Sunderland Fastned seems to attract them. Best advice is to just ignore them. They get bored and leave you alone.

If that site is too busy, there’s an Electric Blue charger literally across the road from Fastned. Shell card SHOULD work there. I’ve barely ever seen anyone else using it. And I promise not to call the police if I ever happen to arrive at the same time as you are plugged in there :stuck_out_tongue:


Think I would be replying go ahead, Good luck with that!
Doubt any police officer would ever attend when they are so stretched.

Wonder how many police call-outs there have ever been to a petrol station because someone was using ‘her’ petrol pump? :man_facepalming: