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I took delivery of my 1st Onto car recently (16/12/21 to be precise) and have absolutely loved every second of being behind the wheel with one exception that is now starting to cause concern.
One of the wheels has had a slow air leak since delivery. After a few hours with the car the tyre pressure warning came up showing 1 tyre being about 4psi lower than the rest so I inflated it to match the rest and all seemed good for a few days. Then yes, you guessed it, a few days later the same happened again. Now I’m needing to put air into the tyre every day as the air loss is increasing. I’ve checked the tyre while still on the car and can’t see or feel any air leak/puncture so I’m worried that it’s gonna be a fairly costly fix.

Where would I stand regarding liability given that this is how the car was delivered to me but obviously not something that could be identified during the hand off?

Any advice or similar experience would be greatly appreciated.

Unless you made Onto aware shortly after delivery, I am afraid it’s going to be very hard for you to prove this. You should have really given them the heads up as soon as you noticed something.

Best thing to do is give Driverline a call now and get booked with the tyre service for a repair/replacement and try to argue your case with Onto. Unfortunately I do think you will be the one to settle this invoice however.


Thanks for the quick reply Koda.

I had a feeling that was going to be the case. To be honest, it’s just bad luck and could have happened to anyone. I’ve seen that others have been getting really silly bills for a repair through Driverline so I think my 1st step will be trying a tyre shop of my own choice 1st. Who knows, maybe the issue can be resolved for a tenner and I’m worried about nothing :crossed_fingers:

If there is no obvious nail/screw in the tread anywhere, then it could just be a faulty valve. It happens. Over the years I have had several on brand new tyres fail within weeks of fitment. Replacement can be done quickly and without tyre removal, so no balancing requirements afterwards, if it’s the complete valve, but sometimes in can just need the inner valve part which just screws out/in.


Unfortunately that isn’t permitted. If you need any work doing to your car you have to arrange this through Onto. Unless you need a mobile fitter out of hours or something, you shouldn’t get an outrageous price anyways. They tend to be very competitive with their prices thanks to the huge fleet size they have, and especially when it comes to vehicle repairs they are very hard to beat on price.

I Really can’t advise or recommend getting a repair by independent means as it will mean breaching the terms of your hire agreement. So I would still definitely suggest you give them a call for assistance with this one.


Ah. I hadn’t realised that one. OK, will stay within the terms of the agreement and get it done through them. Cheers for that, you’ve just saved me from breaking the terms & conditions and given that I’m generally extremely happy being an Onto customer I’d rather avoid that.

Thanks again Kona. Your advice is very much appreciated :+1:t2:


Actually that isn’t true.
You can replace the tyre but it must be like for like and the cost is absorbed by you.
Forget driver line in this instance they will fob you off for hours. Go to a tyre centre replace like for like exactly. pay the cost. Boom. Done.


Yeah interestingly I’ve just seen that in their FAQ’s. I’ll have to pull up a recent hire agreement to compare with and see if they’ve changed the terms too. I know in the past they were seemingly totally against the idea of anyone but the manufacturer or their partner companies from touching their cars. If thats changed then it would be great news as sometimes it’s more convenient to just call in somewhere down the road and get it sorted quickly by yourself, rather than having to book a specific approved place and time with Driverline.

Thanks for pointing that out. It seems Onto are relaxing a few little things like this as of late.


If we got a vehicle that wasn’t new, and the previous subscriber had cut corners to save money on tyre repair/replacement, I don’t think we’d be too pleased. Especially if there was a resulting issue that put either our safety at risk, or our wallet.

I would hope that even if it’s now allowable to replace a tyre like-for-like at your local depot, you would still need to inform ONTO before doing so.

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Id expect all tyres are checked for a few things when handing back and any discrepancies are notified to ONTO.
So if one did replace with a inferior tyre or cheaper tyre. Said tyre would be spotted and replaced charging the person for the right tyre.

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I had a tyre replaced, the cost was what I’d expect to pay if I’d had it done myself. However if I was to have to do it again, I’d be more assertive in the garage, and ask to see the ‘double puncture’. It may well have been, but I suspect they assumed that as it was a fleet car the fleet was paying and just stuck a new tyre on. Insurance4carhire picked up the tab eventually.

It took about two months for the invoice to come through incidentally…

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